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Podcast: Why are we playing Missouri?

I’m joined by Mike as we try to figure out why Kansas would agree to play against Missouri.

Oregon v Kansas Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

I know that I promised we would start getting shorter episodes, but I’m finding that two episodes per week can’t possibly be shortened to include everything worth talking about. Today, I was able to get an interview with the Jayhawk Hockey Club Head Coach Andy McConnell, and the news of the potential exhibition game in Kansas City pushed the length of this episode past the hour mark.

Today’s Topics Include:

-Kansas/Missouri Charity Exhibition Game. Why?

-Somehow we managed to talk Missouri basketball.

-Does this game count as "playing" Missouri?

-Reaction to the KU-UT volleyball match.

-The quick turn of momentum in college volleyball.

-Jayhawk Hockey - What is the club, how did it start, how does it work, etc.

-How does the club recruit players?

-What does the hockey scene in Kansas City/Lawrence look like?

-What struggles do they face as a club team?

-How is scheduling done? How do you qualify for the postseason?

-Border War is alive and well.

-How you can get involved with the club.

-Upcoming schedule

-Previewing Iowa State

-Defensive woes

-Weekend schedule

You can find more information on the hockey team by visiting their website:

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