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Hallworthy Threads

If there is one area here at Rock Chalk Talk and across the internet blogosphere for that matter that truly encapsulates what it means to be a "community" it's the threads. The comments following a story, fanpost or in a game thread that lead to epic distractions, incredible insight or one of those moments where you laugh our loud and your family wonders what the hell is wrong with you.

Hallworthy threads are those that bring out the best and the brightest in the community. The threads where a few lurkers finally decide they need to come out of the woodwork, or a longstanding member hits a hotstreak of sarcasm laden insults. Quality is valued at RCT, but so is a good laugh.

Below is a listing of the Hallworthy Threads. Please feel free at any time to nominate a post, a member, a thread or a pic for Rock Chalk Talk Hall of Fame induction by emailing me at

Rules and Regulations: Nominees will be taken throughout the year with a twice annual vote from the membership as to the most worthy. Veto power is awarded to the panel of authors, site managers and two randomly selected members based on the discussion at hand. Vote, debate, nominate and celebrate.