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Hall of Fame Members

Throughout the history of Rock Chalk Talk there have been members and then there have been MEMBERS. Those members who have stepped up the game to another level and deserve their own special place in the Rock Chalk Talk story.

These members encompass a sports knowledge and fervor for the Jayhawks that leads them to spend hours upon hours logging in, commenting and posting on Rock Chalk Talk. Quality is valued equally to quantity. All are welcome, many will join and an elite few will pass into the eternal history of RCT

Below is a listing of the Hall of Fame worthy Members. Please feel free at any time to nominate a post, a member, a thread or a pic for Rock Chalk Talk Hall of Fame induction by emailing me at

Rules and Regulations: Nominees will be taken throughout the year with a twice annual vote from the membership as to the most worthy. Veto power is awarded to the panel of authors, site managers and two randomly selected members based on the discussion at hand. Vote, debate, nominate and celebrate.

Hall of Fame Member Inductees (Class)

Fall 2010


  • The godfather, the originator and the reason Rock Chalk Talk exists. When SB Nation was in it's early stages, a high school kid from California with a Kansas City connection and a love for the Jayhawks kicked things off and started the charge.


  • One of the OG's around RCT Kenny's member number says it all, #18. With over 1000 members and counting very few can remember the crickets that used to greet posts, open threads struggling to hit double digit comments and the occasional "conversation between no more than KG and RC. KG was there, he remembers.


  • A little odd writing about myself here so I'll just say I found this place in July 2008 and I've gone from lurker, to commenter, to contributing author and now managing editor. Started as a fun hobby and I'm fortunate enough to have found an outlet for my crazy Jayhawk fanhood and plenty of people that want to share in the ride.


  • Most readily known for the Warden +/- and as the stat man of Rock Chalk Talk. Solid contributor that moved into an author role in the spring of 2010. He attempts to put the evidence behind what we're all thinking.