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KU Predictions: at Rutgers

Our staff gets together to weigh in on how the game will go tomorrow, and we give you an easy way to vote as well.

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This is it, guys.  Our best chance to get a road win in pretty much forever.  Does anyone realistically think that we have a decent shot at it?  Our staff weighs in below, but before you get swayed by their optimism (or extreme lack of it), we have a new toy to trot out.  Take a second to give your prediction in the widget below, then scroll down to read how the staff thinks we’ll do tomorrow.

KU Grad 08: Rutgers may be a mess, but they are a better team than we are and in the game is Jersey. Like last week, Kansas may score some points but its defense will once again get annihilated. Rutgers 42, Kansas 21.

mikeville: The Jayhawks only have two even semi-realistic chances at a win in 2015: this week and next week (@ Iowa State Hawkeyes).  Rutgers is really hurting, missing a bunch of players that have been suspended for off the field issues, including their best offensive threat who happens to be a WR.  David, how many possessions does the average football team get in a game?  I’m gonna guess 14.  So if we get four turnovers, that means Rutgers only scores 70 points.  Plus, we’ll force receive at least a couple of punts, so that brings it down to what, 56?  Maybe hold them to a field goal at least once, so now we’re down to 52.  We can get more than that, right?  RIGHT?  Ugh.  So much for predicting a win until we actually get one; I need more kool-aid. Rutgers 52, Kansas 35.

dnoll5: I don’t really think KU has a chance in this one which makes it pretty much impossible to believe that they will win a single game this year.  If they don’t keep it close, you can pretty much bank on no other contests being within 20.  For some reason, I think this one will be close, giving the people that are not David Beaty and his coaching staff hope (man, those guys are soooo positive and upbeat all the time) because quite frankly, that’s all we have. We also have Ke’aun Kinner, so I think Kansas will score a few times. In the end, it won’t be enough. Rutgers 45, Kansas 30.

fizzle406: As bad as Rutgers might be right now, KU is worse. Listen, we won’t win any games this year but every game we play provides valuable learning experiences for the team and for the staff. Whatever your expectations are for this season lower them and you will always be pleasantly surprised. Rutgers 47, Kansas 25

David: First, mikeville, 14 possesions/game was a great guess, and right on the money. Kansas’ special teams play has held up pretty well so far this year, but it will be tested by Rutgers’ Janarion Grant, who has returned two kickoffs and a punt for touchdowns already this year. Just another thing to be worried about in a game where Rutgers relatively average offense has a distinct advantage over Kansas’ relatively horrifying defense. I don’t buy the idea that Rutgers’ distractions are enough to overcome the talent deficit. Kansas will probably score a few points early and hang around for a bit, but ultimately Rutgers wins going away. Rutgers 38, Kansas 20

Winmore: Players suspended for their part in a violent home invasion. A coach suspended for attempted academic shenanigans. Rutgers football is a national disgrace, and yet their program still finds itself in a more competitive state than Kansas football. I want so badly for the ‘Hawks to roll into Jersey and steal a win. One day the pain will end. But it won’t be Saturday. Rutgers 42, Kansas 28

NineToesBlogging: Kansas has had two weeks to prepare for this game. Coach Beaty will have gone over every set, package, formation, scenario and just about every trick play known to mankind. Kansas just doesn't have enough talent to stop what Rutgers is bringing, even if KU knows exactly what's coming. It probably won't be too bad in the first half but as the game goes on Kansas will begin to lose footing and force the issue. Another L for the Jayhawks. But on the bright, side anybody who wants to win with KU, just go buy NBA 2K16. Rutgers 49, Kansas 21

misterbrain: Rutgers has lost 7 players to arrests this year, many in key positions, but they still have more talent in every single position group than the Jayhawks.  This is going to be a really rough game guys.  I mean, this is going to get really ugly.  I’m already on record as saying this game will likely be competitive, but I still have Rutgers winning. Rutgers 31, Kansas 21.