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KU Predictions: Memphis

We get the crew together to pontificate about the game this weekend.

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KU Grad 08: While KU showed some signs of life in the second half against SDSU, they still lost. To SDSU. Memphis, meanwhile, destroyed Missouri State 63-7. Missouri State lost to South Dakota State last year in a close game. What does that tell me? That the two programs are probably fairly similar in talent. Yikes.

Memphis may have lost a lot from its 10 win team last year, but they are a team that now knows how to win football games. Kansas is still finding its way… Memphis 34, Kansas 20.

Fizzle406: Kansas isn’t going to win this game. There could be some positives though. Montell Cozart won’t fumble any snaps. Ke’aun Kinner will continue to make strides. The RCT tailgate should be awesome. More importantly though the team will continue to gain experience, which should count for something down the road. Gotta see the silver linings here, folks. Memphis 42, Kansas 12

Winmore: This one is gonna get nasty, I’m afraid. Memphis is fast as hell. Kansas had trouble with South Dakota State’s speed. What I want to see is if Kansas’ offense can move the ball like they did in the first game. If Cozart, Kinner and company can reproduce what they did from the mid 2nd quarter on in the first game, but this time against an FBS school, then at least Jayhawk fans can leave Memorial Stadium with some hope for the future. Memphis 55 – Kansas 27.

dnoll5:I’m going to wager that the Memphis offense is better than what we saw from South Dakota, and KU had a difficult time stopping it at first.  I’m saying that the Tigers get off to a hot start offensively and KU won’t have enough to win.  Frankly, I’ll be happy if any of the games from here on out are close.  One thing we know, this David Beaty coached team showed us that they won’t give up, so I think we’ll at least see some heart out there. Memphis 45, Kansas 28.

NineToesBlogging: I think the Jayhawk offense will do a decently good job of moving the ball up and down the field but will fold once in the red zone. The defense for the Jayhawks are just not up to par for the time being. Memphis offense should have little trouble moving the ball and a though a bend but don't break plan is what coach Beaty is hoping for. The defense will break. Memphis 38, Kansas 17.

mikeville: This has all the makings of a 63-49 game.  I’m pretty sure each club ran 90 offensive plays against their opponent last weekend.  Memphis totaled 519 yards (mostly in three quarters), and the Jayhawks put up 576 (also mostly in three quarters).  Now, both are stepping up the competition level (Memphis maybe only slightly so).  However, both offenses were obviously humming last week.  Neither team has much going for it on defense, with both squads losing most of last year’s defensive starters.  Hopefully, the Jayhawks will show up for the start of the game this time.  I’m picking them until we win one, because we are NOT losing them all.  This time, I say the turnovers go KU’s way. Kansas 63, Memphis 49.

David: Memphis may have lost eight starters, but their defense is still a much bigger test than South Dakota State. I'm hopeful, but after the last five years, I'm not ready to declare the offense a success after one game. Kansas might move the ball well enough to hang around, but not well enough to keep up with what Memphis will do to the Kansas defense, which looked very shaky last week. Memphis 45, Kansas 24

misterbrain: I think the Memphis defense shows a bit that they miss those 8 starters from last year, as they give up more points than they think they should, but their offense runs over the Kansas D en route to a huge victory. I wish I could pick the Jayhawks, but I'm going to have to go with a Memphis win in a shootout. Memphis 56, Kansas 37