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Big 12 Power Rankings: The Endless Pit of Despair

The race to the bottom of the league is back on again, as multiple teams seem to want to make a name for themselves by trying to become worse than the Jayhawks.

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

1. Oklahoma State (Last Week: 2) - After giving up 53 points against Texas Tech, one might be justified in wondering what is going on with their defense.  But my questions about this team has been more about if they can keep up with the rest of the conference on offense.  We know that Texas Tech has a phenomenal offense at home, and while their defense is suspect, the Cowboys have shown they have the horses to run with the best of the league.

2. Oklahoma (Last Week: 1) - They scored 4 less points against Kansas than Baylor did, OH NO!  Seriously though, they have been absolutely demolishing the competition, and moving down in the rankings has more to do with what Oklahoma State has done as opposed to what Oklahoma isn't doing.  Texas getting embarrassed by Iowa State this week sure didn't help their cause though.

3. TCU (Last Week: 3) - I'm not sure what to make of West Virginia, which makes it hard to take anything from the Horned Frogs' win.  This team definitely didn't lose a step though, so there is no reason to move them down.

4. Baylor (Last Week: 4) - The highest ranked of the Big 12 teams in the CFP, it's a bit baffling to me how to interpret the rankings.  They really shouldn't be penalized too much for losing their starting QB until the replacement actually gives us a reason to be concerned, but I have to think that the weak non-conference schedule is coming back to bite them again, and they really need to run the table to show that they are still legit.

5. Texas Tech (Last Week: 6) - So with no other team in the conference having a winning overall record, this is pretty much by default.  We know they have an awesome offense, but that defense just so bad.  They are prime candidates to be upset by anyone below them at any point.

6. Iowa State (Last Week: 8) - They got a win against what looked to be a team set for a meteoric rise.  Instead, Iowa State looks to be the team that has the most room for improvement. Unfortunately for them, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State are up next, so they won't get much of a chance for it to reflect soon in the record.

7. West Virginia (Last Week: 7)
8. Texas (Last Week: 5)
9. Kansas State (Last Week: 9)

I'd be willing to entertain any of these next three in any order.  West Virginia just can't seem to get anything going, slipping further into ineptitude with each week. Texas lost all the positive momentum they had on the way up to Ames last weekend, getting demolished by a team that has tons of problems of its own.  Kansas State has pretty much looked flat since losing their QB.  Someone lit a fire under them when playing TCU, but they can't keep anything going, and Baylor this week isn't going to help them at all.

10. Kansas (Last Week: 10) - So Kansas has a couple of ok chances to sneak up and surprise someone at the end of the season.  Texas is sliding back to obscurity (wouldn't it be just delicious if a loss to Kansas was the thing that made Texas so horrible that Oklahoma can't get into the CFP after running the table the rest of the way?) and gives Kansas a chance this week, and Kansas State is sliding horribly as well.  Maybe the situation isn't as bleak as we thought, and Kansas can finally get out of the Bottom 10.

So where did we get it wrong?  How would you rank the quagmire that is the bottom of the conference?