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KU Predictions: Kansas State Wildcats

Give us a prediction for the season finale, then stick around and see what our writing staff thinks will happen.

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

The final football game of the season is upon us. Can Kansas finally get that ever-elusive win? Let us know by giving a prediction below, and then read on to see how our staff sees the season mercifully coming to an end.

David: Let's not even pretend this will be competitive. Snyder will pull out all the stops and do everything possible to embarrass Kansas in their home stadium. Kansas State is not a good team, but it won't matter. Kansas State 59, Kansas 7

Fizzle406: KU comes out of the gate swinging. Takes the opening kick back for a touchdown and the defense immediately forces a 3 and out. This keeps up all game. KU is dominating all facets of the game. It's a blow out. In shame Snyder immediately retires after the game. Kstate enters an extended period of darkness. President Obama grants Coach Beaty the right of Primae Noctis. Kansas 77, Kansas State 0 (is this what you meant by not going too far misterbrain?)

Winmore: Last chance for the Jayhawks to erase the donut in their win column. A chance to knock K-State out of bowl contention. This game is was equates to the Jayhawks Super Bowl. Win this one and forget all the other ghastly results from one of the worst seasons in school history, right? So what if Kansas offense looks like it would have trouble scoring against a high school unit. So what if coach Beaty seems so perplexingly conservative that few would be surprised if he decided to punt on fourth down and one from the opponent’s 15 yard line. So what if Kansas’ running game consists of exactly one play. So what if Kansas’ receivers use Crisco instead of gloves on their hands. So what if the defense looks as strong as damp tissue paper. Win the 2015 Kansas Toilet Bowl and all of that pain will be flushed away. Cold, wet, freezing temps for today’s game means all of, maybe, 3,000 ‘Hawk fans will be present at Memorial Stadium to attempt to tear down the goalposts when Kansas makes Bill Snyder and the K-State nation remember the Ron Prince era. I’m not one for field rushing, but this is all ‘Hawk football has… Deep breath… Here goes… Kansas football has done nothing this season to warrant this, but... Kansas 24, Kansas State 21.

mikeville: Grandpa does love to run up the score on the Jayhawks - he’ll do that whenever he can.  Weather will be a factor today - very cold, periods of sleet and freezing rain.  So whichever team can stop the run will have success today.  If there’s one thing we know about they Jayhawks, it’s that they can’t stop the run.  I don’t think K-State gets into the 50s as usual, but I do think that it won’t be very close despite the lower scores.  I’ll go K-State 35, Kansas 14.

dnoll5: The weather sucks.  The teams suck.  The attendance is going to suck.  My prediction sucks.  Kansas 3, K-State 2. No, check that.  That score sucks, but it doesn’t show just how bad things are going to suck. Kansas 2, K-State 0. That’s better. All will be forgiven if KU can win a game 2 to 0.  The fact that it’s going to happen as K-State hikes a slippery ball out of the back of their own endzone late in the game will make it all the sweeter.

misterbrain: I told you guys to go crazy, not become certifiable.  Kansas is going to be hyped up for Senior Day, but Kansas State has shown they are talented enough when they put their mind to it.  The weather isn’t going to do either side any favors, but hopefully that means that Ke’aun Kinner can take the game over.  Don’t really think I should, but I’m going to go Kansas 21, Kansas State 20.