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KU Predictions: West Virginia

Take a minute to get in your prediction for the game, then stick around to read what our staff thinks will happen in today's game.

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The final homestand.  Kansas only has two games left, both at home, and both against two teams that they have a realistic shot at beating. That last statement would have gotten me laughed out of the room at the beginning of the year, but not now.

We have a few hours left until kickoff, so feel free to log your own prediction for the game, then read below for the thoughts of the members of our staff.

KU Grad 08: Kansas finally cashes in, taking advantage of multiple Western Virginia turnovers and nabbing a few big plays. Matt Wyman bangs in a 54 yarder for the win. Lawrence goes crazy. Go crazy folks. Go crazy. Kansas 23, Western Virginia 21

NineToesBlogging: West Virginia turns the ball over a lot but somehow always seem to find a way to get the win. I think it catches up to them and the offense cashes 17 points in off of turnovers. Add a special teams TD and I have KU getting this win. Kansas 24, WVU 14

David: It's going to be cold in Lawrence tomorrow. Combine that with an 11:00 start and you've got the potential for a sluggish, sparse crowd and a road team that has a hard time getting started. I think that keeps Kansas in the game for a while. Ultimately, playing in the cold with a ridiculously banged-up freshman quarterback isn't a recipe for success, so I think West Virginia keeps Kansas at arm’s length in the second half and pulls further away late. West Virginia 38, Kansas 17

Fizzle406: I asked my son. Kansas 47, West Virginia 1

dnoll5: I don’t have a son but I have a mother-in law who has already consumed two dirty martinis.  Her response, "I haven’t been following it, but I know that KU hasn’t been doing well."  I stepped into the other room while she was doing multiplication tables in her head (out loud) and dividing by touchdowns (apparently) when she finally came to the conclusion that the final score will be West Virginia 32, Kansas 8.

misterbrain: I wish I had a fancy system to come up with the score.  I don’t even have a pet to pick it for me.  Instead, I’m going to say that Kansas, disappointed about the near miss last week, takes their frustrations out on West Virginia.  Unfortunately, that includes getting multiple penalties from being too fired up.  West Virginia takes advantage early, but Kansas works their way back into the game. A touchdown with 2 seconds left on the clock gives Kansas a narrow lead,and the whole campus parties into the night. Kansas 28, West Virginia 27.

mikeville: As the last one to offer my thoughts, I have many comments about the comments above, including questioning fizzle's parenting skills.  But I'll keep the rest to myself.  I'm looking to see if the Jayhawks are gonna take a step or three backward after what we thought was progress last weekend against TCU.  Recent history has shown that the close games/wins are the flukes, and that no progress is ever being made.  I like David Beaty.  Really, I do.  I just don't think he has the overall talent to make much apparent progress in 2015, especially with a QB who can barely walk at this point in the season.  The cold and wind keep the score down, but it still isn't close: West Virginia 35, Kansas 7.