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KU Predictions: Oklahoma Sooners

Our writing staff gets together to see if we can groupthink a win for the Jayhawks. Come make your prediction too.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Is there any hope for Homecoming?  Oklahoma has been lighting the world on fire the last couple weeks, but it’s possible (no matter how remote the chance) that the Jayhawks come out already burning it up.  Be sure to put in your prediction, and then read how our writers feel about the game today.

David: The Sooners have been unstoppable in their two games since that embarrassing loss to Texas. Unfortunately, I think that is probably still too fresh in their minds for them to just sleepwalk through this one and allow Kansas to keep it close. We all know there's no comparing talent levels here, so no real analysis is needed. Oklahoma will take what they want, then bring in the subs and run out the clock. Oklahoma 63, Kansas 10

Winmore: Stoops and his Sooners never had trouble with the Jayhawks even when Kansas had a respectable football program (yes, Virginia, this was once true). So I don’t expect this current incarnation of KU football to provide any threat in this game. The Sooners have been out for blood ever since the Longhorns punked them in the Red River Showdown. Samaje Perine is coming off his first 200 yard rushing game of the season. Remember when that kid ran for a season’s worth of yards against the ‘Hawks last year? Homecoming? Should call this one Stay-Homecoming. Oklahoma 56, Kansas 7.

mikeville: If only this were 1984. Maybe the Jayhawks would have more of a chance if Troy Aikman was going to be under center again.  (Come on, dude is old.)  I’ll go out on a limb and say the Jayhawks win the first quarter, but the Sooners win the game. Oklahoma 45, Kansas 17

NineToesBlogging: The Kansas Jayhawks need anything that resembles a defense to show up for this game. They probably won't show up leaving the offense having to outscore OU. "It's a bold strategy, Cotton.  Let's see if it pays off." Oklahoma 55, Kansas 10

KU Grad 08: Just hope we see more development from Willis and the WRs. Like to see some deep shots early. At least make OU break a small sweat. Oklahoma 77, Kansas 12

dnoll5: Man, I wish this was the John Blake era of OU football.  Those were the days.  But alas, the Sooners have had a real coach for years now, and while the Kansas football team could go out there and play their best game of the season and execute everything to perfection, it won’t result in a close game, let alone a win.  But, I’m with the others, seeing improvement from the QB and WR’s would be enough for me. Oklahoma 63, Kansas 14.

fizzle406: I bet the Jayhawks keep it close for a little while. Maybe stop the Sooners on the first drive or something like that. Then it’s going to be absolute destruction. OU will go from the windows to the wall until the sweat drips off their brows. Oklahoma 65, Kansas 10

misterbrain: I’m not expecting too much, since Oklahoma seems to have woken up after losing to Texas and have been absolutely destroying everything in their path. Oklahoma 56, Kansas 10