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KU Predictions: at Iowa State

Our staff gets together to weigh in on how the game will go tomorrow, and we give you an easy way to vote as well.

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It's that time again! The Toilet Bowl - Big 12 Edition has arrived. Unless Texas decides they want to try for some sort of "title" this year, these are likely going to be the two worst teams in the conference, and there is a decent chance that this will be the only win between them in conference. So who gets to celebrate a conference win tomorrow? Give us your prediction and then scroll down and read what our writing staff thinks.

KU Grad 08: Last year's win over ISU was great, and kept KU out of last place in the Big 12 (ah, second to last... #KUFootballGoals). That game was at home, ISU had lost its starting QB and had so many injuries it would make Notre Dame blush. We haven't won on the road since Fetch was in middle school, we are terrible, and while ISU isn't good this year, they've had much better results than we have to date. KU might make a few plays to stay in it, ISU may miss six field goals, but we will fall short. I see KU keeping it relatively close, but never really being in it. Iowa State 31, Kansas 17.

mikeville: I'm sure Iowa State has heard all week about how this is KU's last best chance for a win this year. I'm also pretty sure Mark Mangino is going to do whatever he can to run the score up on the Jayhawks. This also happens to be Iowa State's best chance for a win over the remainder of the season. These factors combined means that the Hawkeyes come out like gangbusters and KU is out of this thing before halftime. Iowa State 48, Kansas 24.

NineToesBlogging: This week I will use the power of recruiting to predict this week's matchup against Iowa State. Here's the bad news. Starting in 2012, the Jayhawks have not had very good recruiting classes. Good news? Iowa State has been just outright awful in recruiting since 2012. Kansas finished one spot ahead of ISU in 2012 for Big 12 recruiting rankings. In 2013, Kansas finished 7th while ISU finished 9th. Only beating KSU. In 2014, much like in 2012 KU finished one spot ahead of ISU who finished last. This was the same story in 2015. Three of the last four years ISU finished dead last in the conference recruiting wise. Now I know this is not exactly exact science but Kansas has only managed to beat out one team in Big 12 recruiting rankings. That one team is the Cyclones. I like Rock Chalk in this one. Kansas 28, Iowa State 17

Ivan Portillo: As you've probably heard, this is the best chance either team will have at winning a game for the rest of the year. I'm going with Iowa State on this one. First of all, it's a road game. Secondly, Iowa State has at least been involved in closer games this season, and against better opponents. Thirdly, and probably the most important, KU is not very good. As much as I want this team to gel together and win on the road (or in general), I can't see it happening. Iowa State just has to show up and play their game. Iowa State, 42, Kansas 20.

dnoll5: Hey, it's Iowa State! They're almost as doormat-ty as we are! And we beat them last year! But now we go to that football mecca known as Ames, Iowa and into the venerable fortress that is Jack Trice stadium. It won't be easy folks, because teams better than Kansas (ok, only Northern Iowa, but they probably count) have gone into this den of yellow and red and booing and lost. Sadly, I expect our men in blue to do just that. Iowa State 30, Kansas 21.

Fizzle406: One of these days KU will march into Ames and destroy the Hawkeyes once and for all. Tomorrow is not one of those days. Best we can hope for is a team overlooking KU and sleepwalking through the first half this season. After what happened last year and the present state of the ISU football program they will be ready to play tomorrow. Iowa State 37, Kansas 13

David: The Hawkeyes are not good, but Kansas is not gooder. Mangino will pull out all the stops to make sure Iowa State doesn't suffer a second straight loss at the hands of his former employer. Kansas simply doesn't have the talent to beat Big 12 competition, but Iowa State is the worst Big 12 competition they'll face, so I don't think this will get too out of hand. Iowa State 38, Kansas 20

misterbrain: There will be no CleatGate this year, unless the Football Gods see fit to impart a freakish snowstorm on Ames tonight. There are no freakish injuries to deal with this year. So the only thing left is a good, fair football game where each team throws their best at the other. Unfortunately for the Crimson and Blue, despite the run D problems that Iowa State has, our problems are all over the place, and they'll keep us from pulling this one off. Iowa State 31, Kansas 14.