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Kansas played in 2 of SBNation's top 100 college football games of 2014

SBNation released their list of the best college football games of this season, and Kansas appears on the list twice. Can you guess which two games were on the list?

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today, the mothership released the list of the best games in the college football season this year.  Check it out, it looks pretty slick, and there are a lot of games that you wouldn't really have thought of even if you watched every game this year (which is pretty much impossible).

As bad as this football season was for the Jayhawks, we still did have our high points.  One made the list.  We also had one of our absolute low points make the list as well, mainly for how memorable of a performance the opponent had.  Can you guess which games are featured?

Don't worry, I'll give you minute.  If you've already peeked, let the others have a chance to think.

Still no idea?  Yes, I see you in the back there.  Don't worry, I know you have it already.

So first the bad.  As I'm sure some of you already guessed, one of the most memorable games of the year came on a record-setting day for freshman Samaje Perine.

82. Oklahoma 44, Kansas 7 (November 22)

Seven days later, a freshman stole Gordon's thunder. Big Oklahoma back Samaje Perine rushed 34 times for a new FBS-record 427 yards. After beginning the year as OU's No. 3 back, Perine finished with 1,713 yards, one-fourth of which came in one day.

While such a day was obviously traumatic for many a Jayhawk fan, it's at least a bit comforting to know that our dismal effort will at least go down in infamy, right?

As for the good, I'm sure you all guessed it, thanks to the picture above.  But the real question is how far up the list did that almost victory against TCU make it?  Any guesses?  Oh, tired of being messed with?  Fine, here we go:

23. TCU 34, Kansas 30 (November 15)

If struggle was expected in Morgantown, it wasn't two weeks later in Lawrence. In cold, cloudy, windy conditions against a Kansas team that had already dumped its head coach, TCU fell down every rung of the upset ladder. They fell behind early, 13-7. They committed costly turnovers, throwing an interception from the KU 35 and losing two second-half fumbles. They were sliced up by unlucky bounces: KU's Nigel King made a circus catch of a tipped ball, and in one of the season's most "Is this really going to happen??" moments, took it 78 yards to give the Jayhawks a 27-17 lead in the third quarter.

But TCU rallied. Cameron Echols-Luper's 69-yard punt return gave the Frogs the lead and held KU to a field goal after a costly fumble. Kansas got the ball back with four minutes left and one last chance, but Chris Hackett picked off Michael Cummings near midfield.

So now that we have seen what SBNation thinks, what do you think were the "best" games of the year? Are you at all surprise that a game like the one against West Virginia Oklahoma State didn't make the list near the bottom?