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Big 12 Power Rankings - 9/29/14

With most of the teams in the conference in action this week, there was plenty of opportunity for a shakeup. Did Baylor do enough to stay ahead of idle Oklahoma?

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After an embarrassing loss to Texas got Charlie Weis fired, can KU ever find its way out of the cellar?  Did easy wins for KSU and TCU help them move up?

1. Baylor (Previous Ranking: 1)

So I take back everything I said last week about Baylor clearly being the best in the conference.  While they won handily against Iowa State, they were outplayed starting in the third quarter until a horrible intentional grounding call killed all the ISU momentum.  While I still think that Baylor is the better team, it's pretty much a dead-heat again between Oklahoma and Baylor again.

2. Oklahoma (PR: 2)

Oklahoma used the time off to watch all the other teams play in big games this week.  They have a tough one of their own coming up at TCU, so the rest should come in handy.

3. Oklahoma State (PR: 3)

Texas Tech put up a good fight on Thursday, but Okie State showed why they have the number 3 spot in these rankings when they put the game out of reach with 10 points early in the 4th quarter.  The defense needs some work, but the offense is high-powered enough to hang with anyone in the conference.

4. Kansas State (PR: 4)

They absolutely pasted UTEP, which is exactly what we expected going into the game.  The offense seems to have gotten over their error-prone ways and the defense kept the pressure on all day long.

5. TCU (PR: 6)

TCU saw K-State, and raised the stakes considerably.  They shut out SMU and absolutely embarassed them, putting up 56 on them.  It would have been worse if TCU hadn't taken their foot off the gas in the 4th quarter.

6. West Virginia (PR: 5)

Idle this week, they fell victim to the impressive overall performance from TCU.  They look to run their own numbers up against KU this Saturday.

7. Texas Tech (PR: 9)

The offense put on a show last Thursday, but the defense wasn't able to keep up.  However, they got a well-deserved jump for the good performance they put up on the road.

8. Iowa State (PR: 7)

Despite getting rolled at home, they showed flashes of competence against Baylor that keep them above Texas.  The intentional grounding call absolutely derailed the momentum that they had going, and ended any chance they had of a comeback.

9. Texas (PR: 8)

Despite a 23-point win, Texas did not look impressive at all Saturday.  The offense was routinely lost, and it was only the KU incompetence on the offense giving them a short field that allowed them to get the points they did.

10. Kansas (PR: 10)

KU is a complete trainwreck right now.  The only reason for optimism is that Charlie Weis is gone, and we have hope that something might change in the gameplan that will actually give us results.  It's about all we have right now.