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Week 5 Predictions: Back Together Again

Our writing panel gives their predictions for the game this weekend, and then we look around at some of the more interesting games of the week.

Glorious Mizzou fails all around!
Glorious Mizzou fails all around!
Ed Zurga

Reunited, and it feels so gooooooood.....


So we tried the split thing last week, and while it was mildly successful, it seems better to have all the predictions in a single post.  So we'll start as usual with our predictions for the KU-Texas game this weekend.

Texas (1-2, 0-0 Big 12) @ Kansas (2-1, 0-0 Big 12) Saturday 3:10pm CT  TV:Fox Sports 1

dnoll5: Even though Texas is struggling with just about everything and has suspended a good portion of their roster, I still think the talent is there to overcome Kansas. That said, KU has a history of performing well against Texas, the recruits from that state will have something to prove, and the crowd for this one could be the largest of the season.  KU will make it tough on the Longhorns, but the deficiencies on the offensive line will make it hard to move the ball.  KU will need a great defensive performance, create a few well timed turnovers, and then convert on those chances to have a chance.  I see the Jayhawks falling just sort. Texas 23-17.

PenHawk: This is the best time to be playing Texas. They've lost two in a row, they lost their quarterback, Charlie Strong is handing out suspensions like Halloween candy, and the talent on the roster just isn't what we've come to expect from Texas. If I had any confidence at all in our offense, I'd say we're in a good position to pull off an upset. The problem is that Texas, for all their deficiencies, has a very good front seven, and likes to blitz. Our offensive line is weak and in some turmoil with Martin and Smithburg's status still up in the air. I anticipate hearing "3 and out" a lot Saturday afternoon. I think our defense is decent enough to keep Texas from lighting up the scoreboard, but I also think they'll be on the field a lot, and will give up just enough points to keep this one well out of reach. Texas 31, Kansas 10

Jim Hammen: Is Texas in a down year bad enough for KU to steal a win?  Not quite yet.  Texas 31, Kansas 21.

KU Grad 08: I think Kansas has an unreal game. Just unreal. Get a few big plays and turnovers and we finally knock off Texas at home. 23-20, Kansas

mikeville: I just don't see how our offense does anything against Texas.  We were lucky to get 24 on Central Michigan.  Texas has better athletes, faster players, etc.  Those quick passes to the sidelines might even get picked off once or twice.  Kansas is going to have to exploit the middle of the field this time, and I'm just not sure that's something we're capable of doing.  Also, we will have to establish the run early on - again, something would couldn't do against the likes of Central Michigan.  Since it hasn't been shown that we're willing to get the ball to Tony Pierson more than ten times, the defense will be on the field a lot during the first half of the game.  Therefore, I expect our defense to slowly wear down throughout the course of the game.  I'll predict a close game at half pretty much gets blown open in the fourth quarter.  Texas 38, Kansas 7.

fetch13: Texas wins 24-3

jvaughn11: Would love to see win but don't see it happening. Beating Texas even then they are down would be a pretty big win. With that said a down Texas team is better than SMS and Central Michigan so I think chances of a win are extremely slim. Hope I am wrong. 31-10 Texas.

misterbrain: So this is Charlie's chance to join the long line of coaches who get screwed over by the refs.  KU holds true to form against Texas at home, taking a late lead only to be beaten by a last second touchdown pass after Texas gets a phantom pass interference call whole facing 4th and 17 from their own 32 with 39 seconds left. Texas 24, Kansas 23

So that's 7 for Texas, and 1 for KU.  Looks pretty bleak.


Now let's take a look at some other games for this week.

Texas Tech (2-1, 0-0 Big 12) @ #24 Oklahoma State (2-1, 0-0 Big 12) Thursday 6:30pm CT  TV:ESPN

The line here is only at 14 for Okie-State, and I'm thinking that is just way too low.  Texas Tech's lines have looked absolutely abysmal this season, and I'm not sure that Oklahoma State is the team to face to try and get that back on the right track.  Tech gets a couple late scores to make it closer than it really was, but Oklahoma State rolls. Oklahoma State 42, Texas Tech 17

#11 UCLA (3-0, 0-0 Pac 12) @ #15 Arizona State (3-0, 1-0 Pac 12)  Thursday 9:00pm CT  TV:Fox Sports 1

In the conference opener for UCLA, they face what should be their toughest road environment all year, since the other ranked Pac 12 teams all come to the Rose Bowl.  These teams seem to be fairly evenly matched, with ASU holding the slight edge in pretty much every category (small sample size and all).  Add in the homefield advantage, and I think ASU not only beats the spread, but wins outright.  Arizona State 31, UCLA 30

UTEP (2-1) @ #25 Kansas State (2-1) Saturday 11:00am CT  TV:FSN

Kansas State is coming off an embarassing offensive performance against Auburn, with numerous unforced errors turning into turnovers that really prevented them from winning the game. I doubt they repeat that performance here, and even if the errors continue, UTEP doesn't really have the talent to capitalize on them against the KSU defense.  Kansas State 48, UTEP 10

TCU (2-0) @ SMU (0-3)  Saturday 11:00am CT  TV:CBS Sports Network

TCU hasn't really played anyone yet this year, and SMU doesn't provide the challenge we need to really gauge how good TCU can be this year.  The line is 33, and anything lower than that would probably be a dissapointment. TCU 56, SMU 6

Missouri (3-1, 0-0 SEC) @ #13 South Carolina (3-1, 2-1 SEC)  Saturday 6:00pm CT  TV:ESPN

After the collapse against Indiana last week, I'm gleefully able to see myself pick against Missouri at will now.  South Carolina wins much easier at home than they did on the road last year. South Carolina 31, Missouri 20

#7 Baylor (3-0, 0-0 Big 12) @ Iowa State (1-2, 0-1 Big 12)  Saturday 7:00pm CT  TV:FOX

Hopefully this game can live up to the other great matchups we have seen from the Big 12 in this timeslot.  I think Baylor wins handily, but this really will be the first semi-quality opponent that the Bears will have seen all year.  Baylor 49, Iowa State 16