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Week 15 Predictions

With no Kansas football game to predict this week, the writing panel gets the week off. I turn my attention to EVERY SINGLE championship game, plus all of the Big 12 games.

With most of the country rooting for them, will the Yellow Jackets be able to upset the Seminoles and spoil their run to the CFP?
With most of the country rooting for them, will the Yellow Jackets be able to upset the Seminoles and spoil their run to the CFP?
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

So yeah, Kansas is done playing football. Instead, we get to talk about the various games that will affect what we see in the top tier bowls. There are plenty of those this week, and as usual, I will probably get them all wrong.

All Game Times Jayhawk (Central) Standard Time.

-Friday Games-

MAC Championship - Northern Illinois (10-2, 7-1) vs. Bowling Green (7-5, 5-3) 6:00pm TV: ESPN2

Northern Illinois is the easy pick here, as they pretty much mowed down the rest of the conference save a blip against Central Michigan. Bowling Green hasn't really pulled off any big upsets either, so playing at Northern Illinois doesn't seem like the time to pull one. Northern Illinois 27, Bowling Green 21.

PAC-12 Championship - #7 Arizona (10-2, 7-2) vs. #2 Oregon (11-1, 8-1) 8:00pm TV: FOX

Arizona gave Oregon their only loss this year in Eugene, so there is a real good chance that they can repeat the feat this week. In fact, Arizona has routinely gotten to Marcus Mariota every time they have faced him (in the first year, he only had 1 interception, but also only had 260 yards and 2 TDs). Arizona just seems to have the solution to the puzzle that is Oregon. Arizona 41, Oregon 40

-Saturday Games-

C-USA Championship - Louisiana Tech (8-4, 7-1) vs. Marshall (11-1, 7-1) 11:00am TV: ESPN2

Fresh off the upset loss to Western Kentucky in OT that derailed any chance they had of making a New Year 6 bowl, Marshall is not about to let Louisiana Tech take it's choice of bowl location. Marshall romps to victory here. Marshall 49, Louisiana Tech 20

Houston (7-4, 5-2 American) @ Cincinnati (8-3, 6-1 American) 11:00am TV: ESPN

Houston's strength is defense, Cincinnati's is the offense. But Houston has a more of an advantage, and they'll ride that defense to an upset victory that will deny the Bearcats a chance to tie for the conference title. Houston 24, Cincinnati 23

Iowa State (2-9, 0-8 Big 12) @ #3 TCU (10-1, 7-1 Big 12) 11:00am TV: ABC

TCU is in the CFP and will absolutely crush Iowa State this week, regardless of the progress the Cyclones have made in the last few weeks. TCU 56, Iowa State 17

Oklahoma State (5-6, 3-5 Big 12) @ #20 Oklahoma (8-3, 5-3 Big 12) 2:30pm TV: FOX Sports 1

Oklahoma State has had 5 previous chances to become bowl-eligible. They have failed in each opportunity, and this one looks to be harder than most of those. Oklahoma wants to win, just because. Oklahoma 48, Oklahoma State 27

SEC Championship - #1 Alabama (11-1, 7-1) vs. #16 Missouri (10-2, 7-1) 3:00pm TV: CBS

Matt Tait says that I have to root for Missouri, but I ain't no damn sheep. I'm really torn on this one because I never want Missouri to have anything nice (conference championship), but I also don't want the SEC collectively to have something nicer (National Championship). My biggest fear would be that Missouri squeaks out a win, Alabama still makes the playoffs and then go on to win the national title. Instead, I'll just deal with the fact that Alabama is going into the CFP and be happy knowing that the Misery continues. Alabama 42, Missouri 28

#9 Kansas State (9-2, 7-1 Big 12) @ #6 Baylor (10-1, 7-1 Big 12) 6:45pm TV: ESPN

Winner of this game clinches a share of the Big 12 title, and potentially a spot in the CFP. Yes, even Kansas State has a shot still, albeit an extremely small one. The real question is going to be whether Bryce Petty plays, as he is still going through the concussion protocol. I'm assuming that he will play, and if he does, the Baylor offense will just be too much for KSU to handle. They will be able to keep some TDs to FGs, but Baylor will march down the field too many times. Should be an exciting, high-scoring affair. Baylor 49, Kansas State 41

ACC Championship - #4 Florida State (12-0, 8-0) vs. #11 Georgia Tech (10-2, 6-2) 7:00pm TV: ABC

Florida State keeps squeaking out wins, Georgia Tech almost gave one away to Georgia before slamming the door in OT. Georgia Tech has been the more impressive team the last 6 weeks or so, but somehow Florida State is still undefeated. Their streak started with a win over GT in the 2012 ACC Championship Game, and it ends with a loss in this one. Georgia Tech 35, Florida State 27

Big Ten Championship - #13 Wisconsin (10-2, 7-1) vs. #5 Ohio State (11-1, 8-0) 7:17pm TV: FOX

Ohio State needs this game to have any shot to jump into the CFP after Florida State and Oregon lose. But they have QB problems, now on their third-stringer after a horrific ankle injury to J.T Barrett, and Wisconsin is good enough to take advantage. Oh, and did I mention that Wisconsin is actually favored anyway? Wisconsin 28, Ohio State 24

Mountain West Championship - Fresno State (6-6, 5-3) vs #22 Boise State (10-2, 7-1) 9:00pm TV: CBS

Boise State is poised to make it to a New Year's 6 bowl. All they have to do is beat the Bulldogs for the second time this year. There isn't any reason to think they can't get it done, especially since they are playing in their home stadium. Boise State 51, Fresno State 25