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Big 12 Power Rankings - 12/1/14

With KU's season over, where do they end in the power rankings?

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

KU doesn't have any chances left to affect their own placement in the final power rankings of the season.  Let's see where they set themselves up heading into the final week of the season.

1. TCU (Previous Ranking: 2)

By absolutely demolishing Texas on Thanksgiving night, they pretty much assured themselves a share of the conference title.  Iowa State doesn't pose too much of a threat, especially on the road, and TCU will be hungry for the win.

2. Kansas State (Previous Ranking: 3)

They absolutely demolished the Jayhawks Saturday, jumping to an early lead and never looking back. College Gameday comes to Waco this week for their winner take all game for the Big 12 Championship.

3. Baylor (Previous Ranking: 1)

Even though Bryce Petty insists that he will play against Kansas State, his status is very much up in the air.  I'd bet on him playing, but there is enough concern between his concussion and the pitiful 2nd half display by the Baylor defense against Texas Tech to drop them.

4. Oklahoma (Previous Ranking: 4)

Oklahoma had a bye to set up the matchup with Oklahoma State, and none of the teams ahead of them actually lost this week.

5. West Virginia (Previous Ranking: 6)

More difficult than expected, West Virginia was still able to gut out a win against Iowa State on the road.  With their slate finished, they are simply awaiting their bowl invitation.

6. Texas (Previous Ranking: 5)

They finished the season on a sour note, falling behind pretty early and never mustering a comeback.  They had been improving against some of the weaker competition, but that quickly evaporated when they faced an elite team.

7. Texas Tech (Previous Ranking: 7)

A valiant effort against Baylor thanks to a cheap-shot that knocked Petty out of the game.  They just couldn't push across to tie the game at the end, and wasted their best chance for a big upset.

8. Oklahoma State (Previous Ranking: 8)

They had a bye this week to prepare for Oklahoma.  They will need any magic they can find, as they head to Norman to try to become bowl-eligible.

9. Kansas (Previous Ranking: 9)

What a trainwreck that was.  About the only good thing to come out of that game is the fact that we won't have to see any more of them this year.

10. Iowa State (Previous Ranking: 10)

I had seriously contemplated putting them at #9, but they had the benefit of home field and still couldn't keep from making critical error after critical error to lose their chance to win that game.  The fact that they still don't have a conference win leaves them in the bottom for now, but that may change if they can give TCU a game this week.