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Kansas puts TCU on upset alert, unable to pull out the victory.

A valiant effort by the KU seniors isn't enough to upset the #4 team in the nation as the Jayhawks fall 34-30 in Lawrence.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas had an absolutely phenomenal Senior Day, but it just wasn't enough as TCU squeaked by the Jayhawks 34-30.

The day started out about exactly how we expected:  TCU drove down quickly on the opening series and scored a quick touchdown.  But then something unexpected happened.  Everyone realized that the vaunted TCU D didn't show up.  Kansas drove systematically down the field and scored on their first drive as well, only to miss the extra point.

From there, the Kansas show began.  We started to see spectacular plays on both sides of the ball: a Jimmay Mundine catch-and-dance for a first down, a quick slant to Mundine for the touchdown, a JaCorey Shepherd interception near the goal line, a Jake Love sack.  When it was all said and done, TCU was only able to get another field goal and Kansas went into the half up 13-10.

The incredible plays continued into the second half, with Jimmay Mundine grabbing a ball on a broken play, then juking past several defenders to get down close to the goal line.  Michael Cummings scored on that drive.  TCU got another TD on the next drive, and then Cummings threw a pass to Nigel King that was tipped up in the air by a TCU defender, tipped three times by King over the sideline and then secured for a 78-yard TD.  This is likely going to be a candidate for play of the year.  Pardula forced a fumble on the ensuing kickoff, but then the Jayhawk magic evaporated.

From this point on, it was all TCU, except for a late FG when Kansas should have tried for the TD.  Kansas had one last chance, but Cummings was hit in the backfield as he threw and Chris Hackett intercepted it.  Kansas was unable to get the ball back.

Overall, it was a good game by the Jayhawks, and even though they weren't able to pull off the victory, they were able to go toe to toe with one of the best teams in the country.  I'm a bit disappointed with the outcome, but the effort was wonderful.

Bring on Oklahoma!