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Big 12 Power Rankings - 10/6/14

With everyone in action with high-stakes Big 12 action, there was lots of room for movement. And a big upset got the movement started.


5 teams won, 5 teams lost. Only 1 losing team was ranked lower last week than the team they beat.  So while there will be movement, can anyone from last week's bottom half sneak into the top half?

1. Baylor (Previous Ranking: 1)

They beat Texas, but looked really bad in doing it.  They couldn't really seem to get anything going against a Texas defense that has been flat out awful most of the year.  The only thing saving them from dropping is that they didn't actually lose.

2. Oklahoma (PR: 2)

Mistakes on offense absolutely killed their momentum in that game, and while TCU is likely the best defense they will face this year, they have to quickly correct it if they want to win the Big 12 this year.  They can't afford another loss.

3. TCU (PR: 5)

Big jump with the big win. That defense is downright dominant.  The offense seemed to give away most of the momentum they received from the defense, but two scoring plays by the defense helped put this one away.

4. Oklahoma State (PR: 3)

They benefited greatly from an extremely questionable call at the end of the first half, and then capitalized on the momentum swing to pull away in the second half.  They get a chance to pad their stats this week against Kansas.

5. Kansas State (PR: 4)

They destroyed a bad Texas Tech team.  They did what they should, but didn't really get a chance to impress  They have a bye week to prepare for the Sooners.

6. West Virginia (PR: 6)

They put the game away in the first half, but made some mistakes late in the second half that would likely have been a big issue against a better opponent.  They need to tighten up, especially on special teams.

7. Iowa State (PR: 8)

Another week, another bad call to kill their momentum.  The reversal at the end of the half quickly sapped the good vibe they thought they had going into the half, and they came out extremely flat in the second half.  They still showed a lot more than the three teams below them though.

8. Texas Tech (PR: 7)

They threw 4 picks, and made many other mistakes on offense.  Combine that with the inability of the defense to stop the Wildcats at all, and it makes for a very long day for Texas Tech.

9. Texas (PR: 9)

The Texas offense is a mess, and the defense isn't really that much better.  They held Baylor to just 28 points, but it seemed like Baylor wasn't clicking on offense all on their own Saturday instead of Texas actively stopping them.  To only be able to manage a single touchdown, in garbage time, was pretty pathetic.

10. Kansas (PR: 10)

The dumpster fire rages even brighter.  Changing coaches didn't seem to yield any sort of new insights on offense, as Cozart looked even more lost, the biggest playmakers were still ignored, and the only scoring came directly as a result of big plays on defense and special teams at the end of the game.  Something has to happen to completely revamp the offense if the Jayhawks want to even compete in another game this year.