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Kansas Jayhawks Basketball Predictions: Big 12 Tournament Championship vs West Virginia

Since we are here, we might as well win it. Our experts tell you if that is going to happen tonight.

NCAA Basketball: Virginia at West Virginia Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the final. The Kansas Jayhawks beat Kansas State yesterday rather easily to advance to tonight’s final against the West Virginia Mountaineers. Can Kansas finish its march to the title without Udoka Azubuike?

Fizzle406: I’m making this prediction before the WVU/tech game but I’m confident I’ll get it right. Tech will be at full strength, WVU is WVU and playing them after 2 games in 2 days with a kiddie pool deep bench means whoever wins tonight is also winning tomorrow. WVU/Tech 85, Kansas 72

Kyle_Davis21: West Virginia has lost in the Big 12 championship game the past two years, including last year against an Iowa State team that Jesse Newell pointed out looks a lot like this Kansas team. So maybe the press of West Virginia gets a little tired after three games in three days. My first instinct is to pick the Mountaineers with Udoka out, and that’s probably the right answer. But something tells me WVU will shoot more jump shots than they should and the Jayhawks won’t be worried about having to make a second-half comeback. Kansas 73, West Virginia 71

David: This is the worst matchup possible for Kansas given the circumstances. Tech is a tough team, but at least they like to play a half court game. West Virginia is going to run this tired, shorthanded team ragged. I don’t think it’ll be a blowout, because WVU is playing their third game in three days too. I just don’t see how Kansas pulls another one out in this matchup. West Virginia 77, Kansas 74

dnoll5: Kansas 35, West Virginia 2 #Refs

Mike.Plank: Dnoll, you beat me to it. I guess I’ll go with Kansas 8, West Virginia 5, because it’s always 8-on-5 when you’re playing against Kansas, right, Smoking Musket?

Andy Mitts: I have a hard time believing this West Virginia team can beat this Kansas team, given that we've already seen two gigantic leads squandered. KU digs itself a big hole, but Silvio De Sousa keys a big comeback as the Jayhawk wrap up a 1 seed in the Midwest. Kansas 77, West Virginia 73.