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Kansas Jayhawks Basketball Predictions: Texas Tech Red Raiders

Our experts are split on how the game will go today. Who is right?

NCAA Basketball: Kansas State at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas Jayhawks are involved in their second straight College Gameday Saturday/Big Monday weekend, traveling to Lubbock to play the Texas Tech Red Raiders in what may ultimately decide who wins the Big 12. Texas Tech has lost their last two games, and you can say that has a lot to do with the toe injury to Keenan Evans. Can Kansas capitalize on their recent hot streak and extend the losing streak for the Red Raiders?

Fizzle406: I was feeling really good about this game until this morning. Does the Yahoo story shift the attention of the players? Do they go in a little overconfident after Tech’s loss to OSU? Does Keenan Allen’s foot make a full recovery? I say yes to the above and Kansas will lose a close one. Texas Tech 77, Kansas 74

dnoll5: Texas Tech is reeling and will benefit from their best player coming back (if he does) and will surely be bolstered by a loud crowd, but I’m just not sure it will faze Kansas. Here’s the thing that’s most impressive about winning the league 13 times in a row: every game that KU plays against someone is their biggest game of the year. The target is always on KU’s back. It’s amazing that they’ve made it through year after year. We’ve seen team after team after team wilt under the pressure of winning this conference, but KU routinely uses it to their advantage. They’re used to the pressure and they will win this game under that familiar pressure. Kansas 78, Tech 70.

Kyle_Davis21: There’s so many great storylines going into this one. Either Self is going to be swept in the Big 12 regular season for the first time or Tech is going to lose at home for the first time this season (16-0) - and all of it with major conference title implications on the line. Keenan Evan’s health and status is going to be the X-factor. If he’s healthy, I think maybe Tech wins, but I’m not sure his foot is going to be strong enough to be effective. And if that’s the case, Tech could struggle to score. Malik Newman talked about only wanting revenge against Oklahoma and I have to imagine the feeling is even stronger for Tech. That should give KU more energy than the first meeting. In the way that people refuse to pick someone else to win the Big 12 until it happens, I can’t seem to pick a Big 12 team to sweep the Jayhawks under Self until it happens. Kansas 73, Texas Tech 69

Mike.Plank: You all are crazy. Three things: 1) Have you not been watching Kansas this year? Just when you think the Jayhawks have it turned around, something crazy happens like Oklahoma State or Baylor. 2). This is the biggest game of the year for Tech, with College Gameday in town, their top-10 ranking on the line, a potential one-seed on the line, and a shot at a Big 12 title. 3) In addition, have you not been paying attention to the news? Our cover has been blown. They’re on to us. has blown the lid on the conspiracy. There’s just no way the Big 12 can justify letting Kansas win today. It won’t even be a fair fight. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Big 12 brings in an extra ref to make it 9-on-5. KU will be lucky to be within 20 points of Texas Tech, and the Jayhawks won’t shoot more than five free throws. Texas Tech 90, Kansas 74.

David: This season’s story doesn’t include a chapter where Kansas locks up number 14 with two games left to go. I don’t have any analysis to support my pick. This season has just been too tumultuous for Kansas to get lock it up so easily. This will be another one of those games where KU is down by only a few possessions most of the game, but they just can’t seem to get a lead. Texas Tech 73, Kansas 65

Andy Mitts: I really do think this comes down to how well Keenan Evans is able to go on his toe injury. If he is fully functional, then I think Texas Tech is good enough to pull this out. But that game against Oklahoma State showed just how much they count on him to be successful, and I don’t think he’ll be 100%. Texas Tech keeps it close, but ultimately Devonte’ Graham shows why he should be Big 12 Player of the Year. Kansas 74, Texas Tech 69.