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KU Predictions: Sweet 16 vs Maryland Terrapins

The crew gets together to predict who gets a gut punch after tonight's game.

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Kansas v Maryland. Jayhawks v Terrapins. The last (and only) time these two teams met in the NCAA tournament, it was for a chance to play for the national title. It was Williams v Williams, two high level coaches trying to win their first title. This time, only a trip to the Elite Eight is on the line, but the tension is just as thick. Can the Jayhawks slice their way through to the next round?

fizzle406: I’m not sure what to make of this game. I think KU has the better team but the last time we played a team in the tournament with a Melo it didn’t turn out so good. I’d like to see KU come out attacking. Get their guys in foul trouble. I think Graham on Trimble will slow him down to the point where the other can pick up any slack. On the the Elite Eight! Kansas 72, Maryland 65

NineToesBlogging: The game of basketball is a game of runs and the Kansas Jayhawks showed that to be true against UConn. I predicted a run of 16-2, we got 16-0 and 19-0. There is a point in my superstitious mind during a KU game where I say "Okay, we need a 16-2 run here." And think that will somehow start a run. I am nervous for the game because Maryland has that one player (Trimble) that could just light it up. But Maryland won because Hawai’i started to turn the ball over. Maryland got easy baskets and that is what ultimately lifted them to a Sweet Sixteen bid. Kansas must be disciplined, both offensively and defensively. I do think a run will give the Jayhawks a win. Just maybe it’s a 16-2 run. But a 16-0 run would do the job too. Kansas 77, Maryland 69

Winmore: I was more concerned with playing UConn than I am now staring at Maryland. That stems from my respect for the UCONN program, Kevin Ollie as coach, and the Huskies’ scrappy, never say die attitude. Against KU, if Maryland plays the same lackluster, cold shooting game they played against South Dakota State and Hawaii in subsequent contests last week, the Jayhawks are going to bury the Terps. Unlike the Huskies, this team will quit when the going gets rough. Pour it on ‘em ‘Hawks, and erase that bad memory. Kansas 81, Maryland 71

mikeville: I dunno, man. I feel like this is best Kansas team in several years. If any KU team is gonna win a national title, it’s this one. It’s led by upperclassmen, goes deep down the bench, and the team chemistry touches "amazing" at times. But Maryland has the NBA talent, they say. Meh. I’ll take the talented team over the talented players any day. Kansas 78, Maryland 68

KU Grad 08: Maryland’s potential scares me. They never quite put it all together to live up to their pre-season ranking, but they’ve got serious talent, and guards that could get hot. Not only that, but they are due for a hot game, and KU seems due for an off one. I want to pick KU, but I can’t shake the impending sense of doom. Will Selden disappear as he has in the past? Can Perry really keep up his super-human efficiency? Is Mason going to pull out of his funk? Too many variables worry me. Maryland 78, Kansas 75

dnoll5 I’m going to go ahead and say that the Terrapins haven’t seen a defense like the one they’ll see tonight so far in the NCAA tournament. A stretch, I know, but if KU can stop their ball screen penetration and execution, this game could get ugly. Even if Kansas can contain it, I like the Jayhawks’ chances. Plus, can Maryland cope with the depth and talent KU sends out there? We’ll see, but my money is on KU.Kansas 80, Maryland 64.

David: Sorry,I can't help but expect the worst. Maryland creates some matchup problems for Kansas, and while those can be overcome, it just feels like it's ending tonight in dramatic, gut-wrenching fashion. Maryland 71, Kansas 70

misterbrain: As said before, Kansas is easily the best team that Maryland has faced defensively in this tournament. Maryland probably has the most athletically gifted player on the court in Melo Trimble, but Kansas has a trio of guards that all have shown the ability to lock down the star player on an opponent’s team. And even if Maryland is able to create shots and get some good offense going, what are they going to do to stop Kansas on offense? Perry really opens up the floor for everyone around him. Connecticut is a better defensive team than the Terps, and Kansas pretty much scored at will outside the start of the second half. I honestly feel that this will be the least exciting game of the entire Sweet 16. It will only be nerve-wracking because our favorite team is involved. Kansas 84, Maryland 72