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KU Predictions: vs West Virginia

The crew gets together to look ahead to tonight's battle for first in the conference.

Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

For once, Kansas gets to host the Big 12 leader at home, with a chance to grab a share of the lead. West Virginia is coming to town, looking to stay ahead of both the Jayhawks and the Sooners. Will Kansas continue their win streak and set themselves up for another conference title run?

fizzle406: Should be a good game but I think we can pull out the victory. AFH should get us some calls and hopefully they can capitalize on the free throws. Kansas 72, WVU 65

mikeville:I honestly don’t have any idea which way to go here. Some folks who shall remain nameless (but rhymes with sizzle) thought we would lose to TCU. Such is life in the Big 12 these days I suppose. Home court advantage in college basketball is huge, there’s no denying that. But this WVU team is hard to figure out. They beat Iowa State in Ames but lose to Texas at home. I mean, what? They almost knocked off KU in Allen last year. This is a big week for Kansas. If the Jayhawks are looking ahead to Norman, they’ll lose. I’m not gonna pick that, though. They looked focused at TCU so hopefully that means Bill Self finally got this team’s attention. Kansas 77, West Virginia 70

David: I hate this West Virginia team. They have all the attributes that made them dangerous last year, but Huggins seems to have figured out how to take the show on the road without their "Press Virginia" scheme falling apart. Kansas has not played the Mountaineers well in recent years, and basically were dominated in Morgantown. I give the Jayhawks the nod only because of home court advantage. Kansas 81, West Virginia 79

dnoll5: I am not confident about this one at all, but I do know a few things (or at least I think I do) about the Mountaineers. One, West Virginia is a poor jump shooting team, at least from the eye test. They shoot 46% from the floor but so many of those appear to be on the fast break or on defensive rebounds. If KU can make these guys shoot from distance, the game should go KU’s way. And this requires KU to do the second thing, and that is grab defensive rebounds because 41% of WVU’s rebounds come on their offensive glass. KU’s big HAVE to keep the ‘Eers off the glass on the offensive end. Plus, with the amount of groping, grabbing, and fouling that West Virginia does, they should get a rude awakening at Allen Fieldhouse where we have the officials in our pocket and it is routinely 8 v 5. Kansas 87, WVU 77

Winmore: With one strong week, Bill Self and his Jayhawks can move themselves right back to the front of the line for a ridiculous 12th straight Big 12 regular season title. But it won’t be easy with two top 10 schools as their opponents. Lose one they might be alright. Lose both and the streak is done. Kansas has to take this game at home. They will handle West V. better in front of their home crowd than they did in Morgantown. Kansas 72, West Virginia 64

KU Grad 08: Kansas is due for a good shooting night from outside, and West Virginia is due for a game in which it doesn’t play well against KU. I think Graham will continue to play well and make the difference. Kansas 75, West Virginia 71.

misterbrain: I’m having a hard time weighing what I’ve seen from West Virginia with Kansas’ home winning streak. This is a must win for Kansas if they want to win the conference title, and I’m just not able to pick against the Jayhawks until they actually don’t win a conference title. Kansas 75, West Virginia 70.