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KU Predictions: vs Kansas State

We look ahead to tonight's game as the Jayhawks try to keep rolling.

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

It wasn’t pretty, but Kansas got back on the right track with a victory over Kentucky this weekend at home. They look to continue the momentum tonight with the Kansas State Wildcats coming to town. Can they keep the good times rolling?

Fizzle406: I’m not too worried about this one. The guys should be still riding high after the Kentucky win and Kstate still isn’t a very good team. I’m a little worried about playing @KSU but that is another prediction for another game. Kansas 77, K State 65

mikeville: K-State, I believe, has a pretty solid defensive profile, which I’m sure David will lecture us on shortly. I also still believe in my heart of hearts that you have K-State ranked too high. Aren’t they also missing a player due to injury? No idea who, as I’m not sure I can name a single K-State player this year. Wait, some dude from Kansas… Umm… Wade something? I dunno. I digress. Anyway, despite the win over Kentucky, I’m still not sold that the Jayhawks have it all figured out. But if 12 in a row is gonna be thing, it’s gotta start tonight. I’d like KU to win by about 75, but unfortunately I think it will be much closer than that. Now that Dramane Diarra is out of Manhattan, the kitties don’t stand a chance. Give me Kansas 70, K-State 62.

dnoll5: As a casual observer of the lesser university in this state, I have noticed that they tend to win the games that they should win and lose the games that that should lose. That said, they should lose this one, therefore they will lose this one. Granted, their scores have been close, but in general, it seems that the right team has won/lost (however you look at it) and coming into the Phog will be difficult for them. Kansas will finally break free of the shackles that have bound them in the past few games, and this one will get ugly. Kansas 88, K-State 65.

David: Kansas State likes to muddy things up and turn their games into ugly defensive battles. Fortunately for Kansas, they've been preparing for this by muddying up their own offensive performances for weeks now. I don't think Kansas can cover the 11.5 point spread tonight, but I also don't think K-State, who will likely be playing without their starting point guard, can come into Lawrence and make the Jayhawks all that nervous. I think KU holds KSU at arm's length for most of the game and while they won't get a blowout, they won't lose control of the game, either. And I know what I'm talking about, because I live this shit, man. Kansas 71, Kansas State 62

KU Grad 08: This season is heading for disaster, and tonight is what sets it off. Kansas State 69, Kansas 67.

misterbrain: Grad is a ray of sunshine as usual. There really isn’t any reason to think that K-State can come in and win this game tonight at less than full strength. Kansas has shown that despite how important Frank Mason is on defense and Perry Ellis is on offense, the x-factor on this team is Wayne Selden. I don’t see anyone on this Wildcat roster that can shut him down. Kansas 89, Kansas State 73.