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KU Predictions: at Baylor

The crew gets together to argue about whether Kansas can get a big road win tonight in Waco.

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The Baylor Bears are on a mission tonight: get revenge.  Tightening the race in the Big 12 will be a nice side effect of a win if they can get it.  But will they be able to get it?  Our crew tells it like it is.

David: Kansas is more than capable of winning this game, and for the most part, Bill Self has owned Scout Drew in his time at Kansas, having lost to Baylor just three times. Still, Kansas has had to get up for games against West Virginia, at Oklahoma, at their in-State rival and now at a ranked opponent in Baylor in just the last 11 days. That kind of schedule will take its toll on anyone. I like the way Kansas matches up against Baylor’s zone, but I can see Prince, Medford and Freeman getting hot from three point range and Kansas’ winning streak ending at seven. It's tough to beat good teams on the road, and I think Kansas drops this in a nail-biter. Score Baylor 79, Kansas 78

KU Grad 08: I think getting #12 is going to a be a lot tougher than people realize, and KU is in for a rude awakening in Waco. Baylor is playing really well, KU is due for a dud game and Perry Ellis is banged up. I don’t like this matchup at all. Baylor 80, Kansas 67

Winmore: I was having a hard time trying to decide which Texas road trip to pencil in as Kansas’ next loss, tonight down in Waco or the one in Austin on Leap Day. Historically, Bill Self has had little trouble putting a clown suit on Scott Drew in picking apart his zone defense. Yes, Baylor is coming off of two nice wins against ranked opponents, but it was just two games ago that they were routed on their home court by Tubby Smith’s Texas Tech team. Under Drew, it’s usually when Baylor is feeling its most confident that they trip up. They’re seeing Kansas at the worst possible time for themselves, I believe. Kansas 78, Baylor 71

dnoll5 KU is playing well right now, so I’m not picking against them. It must be fun for KU to take every team’s best shot as well as every fan base’s best shot as I’m sure we’ll see the Ferrell Center packed for this occasion and this occasion only. Plus, a win here will basically ensure that KU celebrates #12 in front of their home crowd on Saturday. Kansas 88, Baylor 79.

fizzle406: I like the way KU is playing right now but you never know what team you will see in Waco. Do they get hot from 3 again like they did a few years ago? Does KU destroy their zone? Earlier in the week I had this one down as a Kansas win but the more I think about it the more I see Baylor coming out on top. Baylor 71, Kansas 65

mikeville: Good grief what a group of Debbie Downers you guys are. This is a team we punked by 30 a few weeks ago. As long as we don't go 2/15 from behind the arc I think we’ll be alright. Kansas 80, Baylor 70

misterbrain: Mike is quick to forget that it’s been nearly 2 full months since we punked Baylor in Lawrence. Kansas is playing well, yes, but we’ve had a lot of guys who aren’t playing well individually, and there isn’t a definite pattern. If everyone is hitting tonight, then sure Kansas can win big. But with Ellis banged up and Baylor coming on strong, there is just no way I can be extremely confident in this game. Kansas wins, but it is a tight one, and I’m guessing we are down by double digits at some point surrounding halftime Kansas 77, Baylor 74