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Across the Court: Q&A with Cowboys Ride For Free

We look to tonight's game by catching up with our friends over at SB Nation sister-site Cowboys Ride For Free

Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Kansas is on short rest after another barn-burner against Oklahoma. They are once again in control of their destiny in the conference race, but tonight’s obstacle is the one team that completely embarrassed them previously. To help get ready for the return game, I chatted with Gerald Tracy over at Cowboys Ride For Free, SB Nation’s site covering the Oklahoma State Cowboys. He was kind enough to answer a few questions for us.

RCT: It's been a rough season for sure for you guys (something I can sympathize with after all those bad football seasons), but what was the expectation coming into the year for this team?

CRFF: I was expecting this. Ford hasn't really ever proven to be a good coach and he's actually had NBA players on a roster before. Going into this year I was interested in seeing what Evans can do and he's shown that he can be good - but he's inconsistent at best. However, he's still the best player on this team. I picked OSU to win 14 games this year, I'm not sure they'll actually reach that.

RCT: It appears that the fanbase is fed up with Travis Ford. Is there any chance he survives to coach this team next season?

CRFF: Oh no. I'm fairly certain this guy is out by at least May. It's the feeling around everywhere that he knows, athletic department knows, heck even some Oklahoma media have called OSU out on it. Unless something crazy is about to happen, he's out.

RCT: I'm guessing that the victory over the Jayhawks was the highlight of the season so far. What happened that night that let the Cowboys pull off the upset, and is there anything from that game that can be carried over to tonight?

CRFF: Things happen sometimes. The saying, "a blind squirrel finds a nut.." is exactly what happened. Kansas didn't play well and Ford brought out his signature win over a team he shouldn't beat that he gets each year. Jawun Evans needs to come out of this injury and play tonight if the Cowboys want a chance. Griffin can be nice at times but without the 22 points, eight rebounds from Evans, this team is in trouble.

RCT: What are you expectations and hopes for the rest of this season? It's going to be difficult for this team to make any postseason tournaments, but is it at least possible to do something to make this season bearable?

CRFF: They might win one more game(?). They'd have to hope Tech has a bad night and keep the turnovers down. Overall this season is lost. I don't know many people who are excited to see them play anymore. There are periods of times, five to 10 minutes, in each game where OSU doesn't score. But of course it'd be fun to beat Kansas and/or OU just to do it, but it's not going to do anything other than give fans and writers something to have fun with for an eight hour period of time.

RCT: I bet I can guess your answer, but how do you think this game will go tonight? Can Oklahoma State be the only team to pull off the improbable season sweep?

CRFF: No. Not at all. I mean is there a chance? I guess. Again, Ford has these games where his players bail him out. I think it'll be closer than it needs to be simply because that happens but Kansas wins 81-69.

RCT: Bonus - Star Wars or Star Trek?

CRFF: Star Wars

RCT: Double Bonus - Pizza or Lasagna?

CRFF: Depends on where I'm getting the pizza/lasagna. Also what kind of Pizza is it? This is a trick question. Both.

A big thanks to Gerald for taking a bit of time to help us out. Don’t forget to check over on CRFF for the questions that I answered for them.