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KU Predictions: vs Oklahoma State

The crew gets together on short rest to predict tonight's tune-up against the Oklahoma State Cowboys.

Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports

Game of the Year part 2 almost lived up to the billing, and now there is a quick turnaround as Kansas hosts the Oklahoma State Cowboys. Can the Jayhawks hold onto their newly-obtained lead in the conference?

Brendan Dzwierzynski:The Jayhawks just knocked off Oklahoma on the road, and it worries me that we may be in for a let down after an important, emotional win. On the other hand, the Pokes aren’t very good and I think KU will be looking for some retribution after the embarrassing loss in Stillwater. I expect another good game for Graham, even if it’s not quite the showcase we saw on Saturday. Kansas 88, Oklahoma State 72

Winmore:This is a chance to make up for what was Kansas worst loss of the season by far. Kansas is riding an emotional high right now. If they were on the road, I may have picked against them, but at Allen, in front of that crowd, with a newfound swagger? Not a chance. Cowboys will get knocked out early in this one. Kansas 80, Oklahoma State 63

KU Grad 08:I’d be afraid of a letdown had OSU not mauled us in Stillwater. KU shouldn’t have much trouble in this one. Kansas 75, Oklahoma State 59.

Fizzle406: We got this. Kansas 77, OSU 65

mikeville: Lol. Poor OSU. Kansas 90, Oklahoma State 65

dnoll5:Those guys above me are right. Kansas is going to win. #analysis Kansas 88, Oklahoma State 68.

David: Last time Kansas got an emotional win over Oklahoma, they slid into a funk that dug them a hole in the standings that they didn't climb out of until Saturday. I don't see the same thing happening again, but I won't be shocked if Kansas looks a little drained tonight. Not drained enough to lose to this team at home, though. Kansas 75, Oklahoma State 66

misterbrain:Oklahoma State and Iowa State are the only teams able to get the season sweep on the Jayhawks, and I just don't see Kansas letting a Travis Ford squad get one over on them again. Oklahoma State might make this one interesting … For a half. Kansas 97, Oklahoma State 78