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KU Predictions: at Oklahoma

The crew gets together to predict who will claim a share of the conference lead Saturday afternoon in Norman, Oklahoma.

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The Big 12 season is moving towards the end, and Oklahoma is standing in the way of Kansas and their 12th straight title. Win this game, and there is a good chance that the Jayhawks get at least a share of the crown. Can Kansas pull off the upset win?

David: I'd love to sit here and say that KU will notch their first big road win and take control of the Big 12, but come on. Despite a couple shaky recent performances, Oklahoma has been nearly unbeatable everywhere, especially at home. They'll find their shooting stroke again and KU’s poor perimeter defense will return (if it ever went away). Don't get me wrong, I'm not especially down on the team right now. It's just that we aren't sweeping Oklahoma this year. Oklahoma 82, Kansas 71

Fizzle406: I really liked how Kansas looked against WVU. I also liked how they looked in their last couple games. But, Oklahoma is Oklahoma. I think they are the best team in the country. I'd love to see a Kansas win on Saturday but it's not happening. Oklahoma 77, Kansas 69

KU Grad 08: Over the past 11 years, every time KU has needed a monster win (home or away) to take a big step towards winning the league, the Hawks pulled it out. One more time, I think KU finds the magic. Kansas 88, Oklahoma 85

Winmore: Last season Kansas limped into Norman for the regular season finale. Perry Ellis didn’t even play in that game, still nursing a sprained MCL that would hamper him the remainder of the 2015 season. Still, the Jayhawks took the Sooners to the wire and almost stole the victory. Kansas seems to be finding itself at just the right time. I also think Kansas matches up well with Oklahoma. Jump shooting team vs. jump shooting team. Don’t know why everyone is so scared of this one. It will be tough, but I agree with Grad here. During the conference title streak Kansas has shown a knack for getting big time wins when they have to have them. Kansas 84, Oklahoma 81 in OT

mikeville: There’s really no amount of analysis that will help you figure out how to pick this game. It pretty much depends on what Kansas squad shows up in Norman. Will it be the Kansas squad that thumped Baylor in the conference opener? Or will it be the one that "played" against Oklahoma State? The Jayhawks have been playing better lately, but they’re still not at the level that I thought they would be at this point in the season (due to their performances in Maui and other early games). Yeah Oklahoma will be fired up. But so will Kansas. The guys have talked all week about how excited they are for this rematch. I’m taking that to mean they feel like they have something to prove as well, and when Kansas is on a mission, it usually ends badly for the other guys.Kansas 78, Oklahoma 73

dnoll5: Well, I want to pick against Kansas. I really do. But, I just can’t. The formula on how to beat the Sooners is out there and I think KU will capitalize on it. Everyone realizes that Buddy Hield and Jordan Woodard had career games in the last meeting right? And sure, Isaiah Cousins was less than his typical self, but if everyone reverts to their average, KU should win this game. It’ll be close, but the Big XII still goes through the Kansas Jayhawks. Kansas 83, Oklahoma 79.

brendandzwierzynski: Oklahoma is a fantastic team with the best player, by far, in the country in Buddy Hield. Spangler, Cousins, Woodard, etc.; this is a very talented OU team. But I’m not picking against Kansas here. I think that the Jayhawks have been playing incredibly well as of late and this is going to be the team’s signature road victory. OU is beatable and Kansas will do just that. Kansas 85, Oklahoma 84.

misterbrain: I’m not sure why I’m doing it, but I just can’t see myself picking against the Jayhawks in this spot. Oklahoma is the home team, and the Big 12 hasn’t been kind at all to teams on the road, but Kansas seems to be hitting their stride with Oklahoma has been struggling recently.Kansas 86, Oklahoma 85