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KU Predictions: at Oklahoma State

Our writing staff predicts the outcome of tonight's game.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Unfortunately, we weren't able to get these up before the game started.  Fortunately, we can still use these to measure how things are going at the half.

So let's take a minute to see how prescient/ridiculous we all were going into tonight's game:

the6thJayhawk: I honestly don't know what to expect from this, but I suppose that kind of defeats the purpose of writing a prediction, huh? If I had to lay money on it, I imagine we're going to struggle with this one. It seems like Bill usually struggles against OSU, especially when playing in Stillwater. I think this will be one of those games where we're down at half by like six points or fewer, and then we come back to win by a narrow margin. I bet we're going to have a KU 75, OSU 72.

Fizzle406: ditto everything 6th said. Kansas 72, Oklahoma state 69

dnoll5: We've seen two lackluster performances in a row, but unlike the West Virginia game, there were some positives to take away from the win against TCU. Bill Self is quoted as saying that both Cheick Diallo and Carlton Bragg need more minutes, but will they get them in this game or in any game going forward? That's what I'll be looking for. Even if that duo gets some minutes in a few significant situations, I think we're making progress. As for a score, let's say KU 77, Oklahoma State 67.

mikeville: Well 6th, you are partially correct - Bill struggles with this one, but it's not just Bill Self. Despite leading the overall series 110-56, Kansas is only 33-33 all-time in Gallagher-Iba. This year's edition of the OSU Cowboys are barely above .500, but nearly knocked off Oklahoma last week, so they're certainly capable. Kansas has been, in my opinion, pretty lackluster the last three times out. I think while we may struggle at times tonight, I'm hopeful the guys understand that if they want to win 12 in a row, now is the time that needs to change. Kansas 82, Oklahoma State 70.

KU Grad 08: Games like this are how you win league titles. KU is due for a good shooting night from three after Saturday, and while Stillwater always presents a challenge, this OSU team is not good. Kansas 78, Oklahoma State 67.

LAHawk: Going to GIA is never any fun for the Jayhawks and I don't expect this trip to be much different. The Cowboys are desperate for a win, and the Jayhawks will have to play the full 40 minutes to prevent that from happening. Travis Ford's bunch has been down more than 12 to both Texas and OU before clawing back and having opportunities to win both games. Luckily, Kansas will not have to deal with Phil Forte, the only player who seems to have been around as long as Perry Ellis. Without Forte's hot shooting, I look for the Jayhawks to have a serious edge on the perimeter and grab a long overdue win in Stillwater. Kansas 77, Oklahoma State 68

Winmore: I would, honestly, love to see Bill Self risk setting fire to the conference title streak and just ride or die with Bragg and Diallo getting the bulk of the playing time opposite Perry down low. The three-headed Cerberus of mediocrity that is Traylor-Lucas-Mickelson offers nothing that inspires hope for a deep tournament run. Bragg is a good passer and shooter. Kid should start, in my opinion, with Diallo being first guy out of his warmup snap-aways off the bench behind him. Bill's teams struggle in Stillwater. It would be nice to see Kansas snap back here. I'm gonna call for another sluggish first half before the Jayhawks pull away in the second. Kansas 80, Oklahoma State 71

brendandzwierzynski: I'm expecting another game in which Kansas plays one great half and one half that frustrates you to no end. I expect that good half to outweigh the poor one and KU wins. I'm predicting one of the starting guards has a particularly good game, specifically either Mason or Selden. Kansas 84, Oklahoma State 72

David: Oklahoma State just has a way of making things interesting (aka "nervewracking") for us in Stillwater. Kansas has a serious advantage down low, which will likely be the first thing Self tries to exploit. The question is whether OSU's guards can fill it up enough to keep things close. I'll say they will, but it won't be enough to pull off an upset. Kansas 80, Oklahoma State 74

misterbrain: I absolutely hate playing at GIA, mainly because it's such a difficult game for us every time. This Oklahoma State team is nothing special this year, but I seem to remember a similar team ruining an undefeated conference season for the Jayhawks before. Kansas pulls this one out, but it isn't pretty. Kansas 78, Oklahoma State 75.