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KU Predictions: Big 12 Semifinal vs Baylor

Our writing team gets together to predict the outcome of today's semifinal against the Baylor Bears.

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With a hard-fought win yesterday, Kansas earned the right to try and sweep a 3-game set against another opponent today. Can they do it? Let's see what the crew thinks.

wkenefake: This prediction hinges of course on whether or not Perry Ellis will play or not. I’ll assume he will play as it seemed that the coaching staff was hinting that he’d almost definitely be ready for tomorrow’s game barring any setbacks. With Ellis, I think KU wins a close game. Baylor has looked very good lately so I wouldn’t be too surprised or disheartened if KU did in fact drop this game. This is definitely a game KU will miss Cliff Alexander based alone on girth against Baylor’s front line. If Ellis is out again I don’t see KU winning, but with him I’ll go Kansas: 73, Baylor: 69

KU Grad 08: Seriously, WTF is up with our inability to hit threes? Baylor 76, Kansas 70.

Fizzle406: Baylor is hot right now. Kansas is down its 2 best players and suddenly forgot how to shoot 3s. Baylor 72, Kansas 67

Penhawk: Regardless of whether Perry plays, I just don't see Kansas winning this game. The team largely lacked energy and focus Thursday, and Baylor very much did not. On top of that, Iowa State fans might outnumber KU fans at P&L this year, so the crowd is likely to be 50% angry Cyclones screaming their angry little hearts out every time something goes Kansas' way. Baylor 75, Kansas 67

Ivan Portillo: A lot of negativity here today. Deservingly so, though. Yes, the Jayhawks can’t hit a three to save their lives, and yes, Perry Ellis will most likely miss this game. But I’m going the positive route and saying Kansas 70, Baylor 68.

dnoll5: I think this game could go one of two ways, the first being a close, grind-it-out style of game that I think KU will win because they’ve done it all year, and the second being a Baylor 12-15 point win.  I’ve decided I’d rather have a win and a chance to play on Saturday than a loss to Scott Drew and Baylor.  Also, if Kansas could make some threes, that’d be peachy. Kansas 67, Baylor 66.

Jim Hammen: KU won the game it had to yesterday, I think that was enough to absolutely put the hammerlock on a 2 seed, no matter who wins some of the other conference tourneys.  So shut it all down today.  Don’t play Perry, get Frank some rest, pray to whatever god we have to for somebody to please make a three-pointer, and pray to that god’s buddy for the NCAA to hurry up and decide on Cliff before next Friday. Baylor 69, Kansas 63.

cstonehoops: This one should be close. The Jayhawks will need to find their way out of a 3-point shooting slump that has lasted nearly a month. Baylor’s zone will provide plenty of opportunities to fire away, but the Bears’ opponents have only made 31.2 percent of their chances from behind the arc during Big 12 play. Baylor 65, Kansas 61.

J. Michael Winmore: Remember when Bill Self referred to the Jayhawks early 3 point shooting success as “fools gold.” Man knows what he’s talking about. Kansas’ three point touch has long since choked and died, its rotting stink making everyone’s eyes water every time Brannen Greene fires up a side of the backboard, ka-thong! miss. It’s exposed the lack of consistent low post scoring in a manner not suitable for children’s eyes. Going up against Baylor’s zone it might be tempting for the Jayhawks to keep firing up bricks from the outside, giving into their fire at will temptation in an attempt to shake free of the slump. Doing so may just shoot them right out of the tournament. But I don’t think Bill will let that happen. I’ve noticed that the refs at this year’s Big 12 Tournament are quick on the whistle. Every game has been turned into a free throw shooting contest. If Kansas keeps going inside, they might be okay. Survive and advance is the key to March. Picking against the ‘Hawks may be the sane thing to do here, but hey, the season ain’t mad unless you bank on the insane actually happening... Kansas 69, Baylor 66.

Jvaughn11: These conference tournament games are always my one chance to rest my heart during the season. Dont get me wrong, I want to see KU win every game, but I do think some rest going into next week could do this team some good. I look at todays game as a chance to build some momentum and continue to give some bench guys postseason experience. At the very least I would like to see a good game from the guys that have struggled lately (Selden, Greene, Graham). I would also like to see Ellis eased back into action so he has time to gain confidence in the stability of his knee. The mental aspect of returning from injury is under appreciated and he needs to have confidence in his body by next week. I would love to see a win but wouldn't be devastated by a loss as long as it isn't one that rattles team psyche. My gut says Baylor but I go with the heart today.

KU 78, Baylor 68