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KU Predictions: Harvard

Our writing staff gets together to discuss today's game against Harvard.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

KU vs Harvard.  A few years ago, this would have been a highly anticipated matchup.  This year, Harvard isn’t anywhere near the same quality as when Jeremy Lin was the big man on campus.  Does this game move the needle much for our writers?

David: Harvard doesn't look like the sneaky-good team they've been in recent years. In fact, they look downright bad. They still like to slow it down, but they also turn it over a ton, so I look for some easy transition baskets to boost our scoring total. Kansas 82, Harvard 59

Fizzle406: I hate playing these Ivy League teams. I always go in expecting a blow out and it's usually much closer. I think KU wins in a closer than the final score indicates game. Kansas 72, Harvard 64

Winmore: I see a lot of one and done offensive possessions for Harvard leading to a lot of quick scores for the Jayhawks. Harvard is a team that could muster just 49 points against Kansas’ next opponent, Holy Cross. The ‘Hawks speed will wear the Crimson down. Kansas 101, Harvard 60.

mikeville: Yeah, I don't see this one being close. Harvard has not been good at all this year, and unless the Jayhawks sleepwalk through the entire game the way they did the first half against Loyola, this should be blowout city. Kansas 95, Harvard 62

NineToesBlogging: Kansas is red hot playing both well on offense and defense. Kansas will handle it easy. Kansas 93, Harvard 71.

dnoll5: KU is going to win and win big.  Run and gun, I say.  Get Diallo minutes like it’s the preseason.  Double-double for he and Perry. Frank with his biggest assist game of the year, Svi wi Kansas 100, Harvard 67.

misterbrain: There is no Maui hangover excuse, there is no excuse that Diallo still needs to work himself into the scheme, there is no excuse that Harvard is better than they seem to be.  This should be a blowout, plain and simple. Kansas 98, Harvard 64.