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KU Predictions: San Diego State Aztecs

Our writers look to tonight's matchup in San Diego.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

It's right before the holidays, and what better way to spread some good cheer than watching the number two Kansas Jayhawks take on the San Diego State Aztecs in a late matchup?  How cheery can we expect to be after tonight?  Our writers weigh in:

NineToesBlogging: It's a trap!!!!! No not really, I will say I don't particularly love seeing this team on the schedule but it's a solid opponent that should help build overall team morale with a win, which is helpful with conference play right around the corner. I do anticipate a win in close, dramatic fashion. Kansas 77, SDSU 71

Fizzle406: I thought this game was being playing after Christmas. Shoot. Playing on the road right before Christmas break is dangerous. I know SDSU isn't the same team we have seen in years past but I don't like playing our first true road game at this time. I think Kansas will win but it's not going to be pretty. Kansas 73, SDSU 70

dnoll5: Bill Self keeps mentioning that this game is big simply because it is a true road game, KU’s first of the year, and I hope his players are taking notice.  If they are, KU should win, if not, the days after the break will not be much fun for the KU players.  For that reason alone, I expect Kansas to get it done tonight. Kansas 80, SD State 66.

mikeville: San Diego State is quite the Jekyll and Hyde team so far this year.  Their "adjusted defensive efficiency" is still elite - 7th in the country.  But their "adjusted offensive efficiency" is 257th.  (Lol, look at me, throwing out stats that I have no idea what they mean.)  Anyway, what I’m seeing is, this edition of San Diego State isn’t very good as they have some puzzling losses on their schedule - Grand Canyon, San Diego, Little Rock.  But then they’ve also knocked off Cal.  I know, true road game, right before Christmas, everyone just wants to get home for the holiday.  Look, if these Jayhawks want to be playing in April, they need to be able to put away bad teams, and that’s what needs to happen here. Kansas 68, SDSU 44.

KU Grad 08: I think we are due for a shitty game, especially during a west coast road game. Similiar to the Vandy and Oregon State games, I think we’ll start slow, but eventually make a run or two to help us pull it out. Kansas 70, SDSU 62.

Winmore: Steve Fisher has turned San Diego State into an NCAA tournament mainstay, but this year’s Aztecs may be his worst team in a decade. This is the return the favor game from when SDSU came to Allen two seasons ago. SDSU left Lawrence with a hard fought 61-57 victory. The Aztecs will look to ug it up again tonight to keep it low scoring. I just have a feeling the Jayhawks are gonna lay some serious wood in this game. Christmas week, school is out, they got to spend a full day in San Diego. They are going to be in fine spirits. I’m calling for a Jayhawk hundo in this one. Enjoy the early present, and Merry Christmas Jayhawk fans! Kansas 102, San Diego State 71.

Tom Fehr: Oh hey guys, it’s been a while. I predict that Cheick Diallo will have his first big game. I’m expecting a typical San Diego State uglied-up game, and this seems like the kind of game where Diallo’s athleticism can spark something. I think it will be pretty close with this being KU’s first real road test. Been predicting this for a while, but it seems like Selden has to eventually start crashing down to earth with his success on threes, and this seems like a likely game for it. Kansas 69, SDSU 64

LAHawk: While the last few games have been quasi-tryouts for the Kansas big men, this will be their biggest test in quite some time. As Fetch13 talked about in his game preview, the SDSU front line can throw 5 guys 6’8 or taller at the Jayhawks. Perry looked to have that extra bounce in his step against Montana, and he will need to have it tonight going up against a very stout defensive team. One thing working in Kansas’ favor is the SDSU offense, which ranks 312nd averaging 65.7 PPG. The Aztecs also turn it over on 21% of their possessions, so look for the Jayhawks to play high pressure defense and to speed up the game. I think a few Jayhawks spurts take them over the top in this game. Kansas 71, SDSU 65

misterbrain: I have a bad feeling about this game, and we are in the dreaded holiday period where these guys are working in a lot of things and not necessarily concentrating on the games themselves.  If this was in Allen Fieldhouse, I wouldn't be worried.  But I hate west coast games, partially because they are always so late in the day.  I'm expecting sluggish play today, and SDSU is good enough to take advantage. SDSU 67, Kansas 66.