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KU Predictions: Montana

Our writing staff turns their attention back to basketball as we gaze into the future and try to tell you what is going to happen.

Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

With no volleyball game to look forward to tonight in Omaha, we can turn our full attention to the basketball game in Lawrence taking place this afternoon. It isn't against a big name, but can Kansas live up to their ranking and put away today's opponent?

NineToesBlogging: Has been a little bit since Kansas has gotten out there so I wouldn't be shocked if the Jayhawks started a little slow. But nonetheless this team is at the top in three point shooting. Add in the height advantage and I like Kansas by double digits. Kansas 85, Montana 65

Fizzle406: I have been looking forward to this game since it was announced. These games before the holidays are rough. The guys sometimes are already on break. This game being at home against a little opponent should help. I don't expect a replay of the Temple game last year. Kansas 82, Montana 70

David: It's time for Kansas to put in a complete effort and take down a lesser team. With a full week off and finals done and over with, this is the time. Kansas will come out firing, make some threes, build up a lead and never look back. Look for a nice game from Perry Ellis and big points from Mason. Kansas 89, Montana 62

mikeville: I’ve been on quite the volleyball binge lately and have admittedly given only cursory glances on articles regarding basketball or this weekend’s opponent, the Grizzlies of Montana.  Can the Jayhawks light it up from behind the arc?  Will we see the ‘Hawks that demolished a decent Oregon State squad in the second half of that game?  Yes and yes, cuz why not? Kansas 82, Montana 67

Winmore: Bill Self is running out of softies against which to fine tune his roster and the offense. Will Cheick emerge as the top big man here? So far the team has looked better with Hunter Mickelson on the floor, but I don’t feel like that’s gonna suffice once the better competition comes around. Kansas 90, Montana 67

dnoll5: I know nothing about Montana so I’m just going to speculate on things based on Bill Self’s recent comments.  He mentioned that he wants to see Perry Ellis to start playing like an All-American, and when Self throws out these little bits of sound into the media’s ears, it’s usually because he expects it to happen.  Let’s just say it’s going to be 25 and 10 from Perry today and call that a prediction. Score: Kansas 89, Montana 66.

misterbrain: I don't think this is a team that I can get too concerned about. Add in the fact that Kansas is back in the friendly confines of Allen Fieldhouse, and I'm expecting a blowout today. Kansas 87, Montana 62.