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KU Predictions: Oregon State

Our writers get together to prognosticate about tonight's game in Kansas City.

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Kansas and the Sprint Center have an uneven relationship.  It's a great chance to give the Kansas City fans a chance to see their Jayhawks close to home, but there have been lots of poor showings by the Jayhawks. What kind of show will we get tonight?

KU Grad 08: I think we will finally cool off from three, which will be problematic offensively. Having said that, I still think KU has enough to pull out the victory. Kansas 71, Oregon State 63.

Winmore: For whatever reason whenever Kansas plays an early season game at Sprint they have trouble. They almost lost to Utah there last year in a low scoring game. They got bounced there by Davidson once. Oregon State is a decent opponent. The leader of this Beavers team is the son of one of my favorite former NBA players, Gary Payton. Senior point guard Gary Payton II leads OSU in scoring with 16 points a game, and like his old man, "The Glove" one of the best pickpockets in the history of the league, little Gary averages nearly four steals a game and was named Pac-12 Defensive Player of the year last season. I’m looking forward to seeing Mason and Graham go toe to toe with Payton. So glad to see that Bill Self and Brannen Greene kissed and made up. That kid is instant offense off the bench. With him back, Svi "can’t make a three" shouldn’t be on the floor nearly as much. This one could be a slog. But I think the Jayhawks will survive. Kansas 75, Oregon State 70

dnoll5: I remember reading somewhere that players really loved shooting at Kemper Arena because of the darkness that enveloped the stands.  Clearly, this is not the case for Kansas as they have had trouble in Sprint Center (as mentioned above) in December.  But this team is different from past teams, and I really think that it will be much harder for this team to have a prolonged scoring slump. I think Greene and Selden stay hot and KU wins running away after a close first 30 minutes. Kansas 80, Oregon State 65.

LAHawk: As echoed above, Kansas has a tendency to struggle in the Sprint Center, but these games are always good practice for neutral sites featured later in the season. Oregon State is led by Gary Payton II, who is one of the most complete players in the country, averaging 16/8/5. If Kansas lets The Glove Jr. play like Denzel Valentine then this game is going to be too close for comfort. I'm curious to see who Bill will put on Payton, but I predict Graham to be the primary defender. I wouldn't be surprised if this is a 6-8 point game throughout, will the ‘Hawks pulling away at the end. Kansas 76, Oregon State 62

David: The Sprint Center curse is probably overblown in the minds of fans (including myself). I'll try to look at this objectively. The only way Oregon State should stay with Kansas is if they catch fire from outside. Even if they do that, Kansas has a significant advantage inside. Honestly, I'm not really worried about this one much. With the way the Jayhawks have been playing recently, I predict they'll still put us through some frustrating stretches, but in the end they'll prevail without too much stress. Kansas 81, Oregon State 67

Fizzle406: these home games away from home are rough. It will definitely be a pro KU crowd but I expect a hard fought battle today. A little too close for comfort but KU should pull out the victory in the end. Kansas 71, Oregon state 67

misterbrain: I don't know that I believe that the Jayhawks have problems with games in the Sprint Center because of the venue, but more because of who is scheduled at that venue: teams that are better than you would normally think but not quite enough of a name to get the full attention of the fan base.  This is another one, as Oregon State has quietly put together a strong start to the year. I'm still not sure that Kansas deserves the 2 ranking, but they should be able to keep it going from 3 and win an entertaining game. Kansas 86, Oregon State 79.