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KU Predictions: Vanderbilt in Maui

Kansas takes on Vanderbilt, and our writing staff tries to guess how the game is going to go.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight is for all the Hawaiian marbles.  The Jayhawks face Vanderbilt in the championship of the Maui Jim Maui Invitational in what looks to be a good game.  Last time Kansas made it to the championship here, they lost to Duke.  Can they avoid a repeat and bring home a trophy?  Some of our staff weighs in.

fizzle406: I started this day thinking KU would lose due to the insane height of Vanderbilt. However, after the Diallo news I think KU should be pretty jacked. We have talked to great extent about motivation and who wants it more but one thing we haven’t discussed is the happiness factor. I want to see a ton of 3 pointers, dunks, and bench celebrations. KU is going into this game with a whole lot of good feelings. I think those good feelings will translate into a victory. Kansas 82, Vanderbilt 71

mikeville: I see fizzle is coming around to the idea of #motivation.  That’s nice to see.  What else is nice to see?  Kansas basketball playing loose and free!  (The rhyme was unintended, I promise.)  In fact, the Jayhawks are so hot right now, I’m surprised the nets aren’t scorched.  Lots of people were worried about UCLA’s size advantage - turns out Vanderbilt is even bigger.  I dunno, folks.  I’m just feeling it right now.  Time for a heat check: Kansas 90, Vanderbilt 75.

NineToesBlogging: Kansas has an edge right now. Defensively they just don't care who they are playing and is convinced they are going to lock them down. Bill Self has this KU group angry. Kansas 88, Vandy 72

David: The offense has been flowing the last two nights, but I'm still gun-shy when it comes to predicting good outcomes when this team goes against a bunch of 7-footers. Kansas should have the advantage athletically, so I expect an up-and-down game where the offense finds success for stretches, but also gets stuck in those ruts we saw all last year. In the end, Vandy gets hot from three and Kansas just has too much trouble scoring around the basket. Vanderbilt 79, Kansas 74

KU Grad 08: I still think KU has some kinks to work out. I think we are due for a poor shooting night outside, and Vandy can light it up. Smells like one of those “they are hot, we are not” type of games. Vandy 80, Kansas 78.

misterbrain: Way to bring down the party guys.  These guys are feeling it from three, and Vanderbilt hasn’t destroyed their opponents like Kansas has.  Vanderbilt is not as good as Michigan State, and 7 footers don’t help when trying to stop perimeter shooting. Kansas 84, Vanderbilt 80