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KU Predictions: TCU

The football team tries to follow up a basketball win with a huge football upset. Our writing team just tries to stay in their happy place.

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After the entertainment that is another Kansas basketball victory, we are now left to turn our attention to the struggling Kansas football team.  You should be in a good enough mood now to make a prediction about how the game tomorrow is going to be, right?  Take a minute, and then read what our writer panel thinks.

dnoll5: Mark me down as one of the people that believes that you could get seizures watching the scoreboard numbers continue to climb quickly for TCU, especially in the first half. It might cool off in the second half, but TCU is mad and they will run it up against KU.  And remember, their near loss to KU last season in Lawrence probably inched them out of a playoff spot.  Yikes. TCU 77, Kansas 14.

Fizzle406: pours tall glass of kool aid. Sick of all of the criticism, Beaty decides to leave both his punter and kicker in Lawrence this weekend forcing Kansas to go for it on every single 4th down. The results are surprising. After being down 28-8 at half, this bold new strategy starts to work. Kansas forces it's way back into the game and scores on a last minute TD winning the game. All over the country no punting and no field goals becomes a new trend. Beaty is the most sought after coach in the nation but he decides to stay in Lawrence. KU wins the next 5 straight national championships. Kansas 40, TCU 35

mikeville: That's a bold strategy, Cotton fizzle406, let's see if it pays off for you.  All you really need to know is this: TCU is really good.  Kansas is really, really, really bad.  Now consider the Frogs are coming off a loss.  They're hanging by a thread in the college football playoff scene.  I said this earlier and I'll say it again: No spread is too big for this KU defense.  I'd bet my house that TCU covers.  (TCU is currently -45.5).  I'd bet your house that TCU covers.  Hell, I'd bet all our houses, wives, and children that TCU covers.  The only question is, will we get a mercy kneel on third down the way ISU did last year?  Go to Vegas and win big this weekend, my friends. TCU 77, Kansas 14.

Winmore: I truly believe that Kansas' near victory over TCU in Lawrence last season cost the Frogs a shot at making the College Football Playoffs. As I said in an article I wrote before this season, last year was the best chance the Frogs had to play for a National Title, because they were not finishing undefeated this season and that's the only way the College Football Playoff Committee was going to slot them into the tournament. The Frogs are pissed. Bad news for the ‘Hawks. They will take out their frustrations on Kansas down in Fort Worth this Saturday. Look for Patterson, Boykin, and company to keep their foot on the gas as the Frogs go for a hundred. TCU 84, Kansas 7.

KU Grad 08: lol. TCU 81, Kansas 11

David: I don't buy into the "extra motivation," "looking to make a statement" stuff. Teams go out and play and more often than not, the better team wins. What TCU does this week isn't any different than what they would have done if they played us last week, which is throttle us. TCU put up over 650 yards in their loss to a good Oklahoma State defense last week. And now they're playing this Kansas defense? Throw in Willis, Kinner and half our offensive line are all banged up, and this has all the makings of a bloodbath. Actually, I take it all back. TCU comes out with no energy and sputters their way to a sloppy victory when Kansas just can't stop them anymore. TCU 34, Kansas 18 (three touchdowns with 3 missed extra points)

misterbrain: Do we really have to play this game?  I'm pretty sure we all know how this one is going to turn out, and I'm more concerned about the health of Ryan Willis than I am about being competitive in this game.  TCU will strike early and often, and Kansas just needs to make sure they avoid serious injuries. TCU 77, Kansas 9