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RCT Top 25 - Week 8 - 2/3/15

With the addition of 2 more voters, some odd shifts happen in the poll when compared to last week.

The Wildcats are back to a unanimous #1.  Can the RCT curse strike them this week?
The Wildcats are back to a unanimous #1. Can the RCT curse strike them this week?
Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Our new writers were eager to jump into our predictions and the Top 25 poll, so we welcome them.  As you can see, their opinions helped skew some things a bit unexpectedly.  The main one that stands out is Gonzaga, as neither of the new guys thought very highly of the Zags and they flip-flopped with Duke even after failing to lose this week.

Kansas maintains its spot as the highest ranked Big 12 team.  Despite losing twice this last week, Texas managed to hold on to a spot in the poll.  I'm not really sure whether this means that Texas is actually still good or if there just wasn't anyone else good enough to rank.  The jump by Oklahoma was pretty surprising, but it looks like everyone ranked them in the same 3-4 spot range.

Just like in the AP poll, the Big 12 leads the way with 6 teams ranked, with the ACC trailing slightly at 5.  But the ACC has all 5 of theirs in the top 12, so that league is very top-heavy.

Rock Chalk Talk Top 25

Rank Team Points LW Change
1 Kentucky(8) 200 1 0
2 Virginia 187 2 0
3 Duke 176 5 2
4 Wisconsin 174 4 0
5 Gonzaga 172 3 -2
6 Arizona 164 6 0
7 Kansas 154 8 1
8 Villanova 146 7 -1
9 Louisville 135 11 2
10 Notre Dame 123 9 -1
11 Utah 117 10 -1
12 North Carolina 112 12 0
13 Iowa State 101 15 2
14 Northern Iowa 99 18 4
15 West Virginia 86 17 2
16 Oklahoma 67 22 6
17 Baylor 66 19 2
18 Wichita State 64 13 -5
19 Virginia Commonwealth 60 14 -5
20 Maryland 54 16 -4
21 Butler 33 25 4
22 Ohio State 32 25 3
23 Georgetown 30 21 -2
24 Texas 22 20 -4
25 Southern Methodist 14 NR 2
Others Receiving Votes: San Diego State 4, Arkansas 2, Michigan State 2, Dayton 1, Indiana 1, Stanford 1, Stephen F. Austin 1
New this week: Southern Methodist
Dropping out: Miami(23) , Indiana(24)
Biggest Movers (still in the poll):
Wichita State -5, Virginia Commonwealth -5, Maryland -4, Texas -4
Oklahoma +6, Butler +4, Northern Iowa +4

As usual, here are the individual ballots.

Rank misterbrain Jim Hammen PenHawk mikeville sax solo J. Michael Winmore FLJhawk wkenefake
1 Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky
2 Virginia Gonzaga Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Wisconsin Virginia
3 Gonzaga Wisconsin Arizona Gonzaga Gonzaga Duke Duke Wisconsin
4 Wisconsin Duke Duke Duke Arizona Arizona Virginia Duke
5 Duke Virginia Wisconsin Wisconsin Duke Gonzaga Arizona Kansas
6 Arizona Arizona Gonzaga Villanova Wisconsin Wisconsin Kansas Notre Dame
7 Kansas Kansas Kansas Kansas Villanova Kansas Gonzaga Gonzaga
8 Villanova Villanova Villanova Arizona Kansas Villanova Villanova Arizona
9 Louisville Louisville Louisville Louisville Louisville Louisville Louisville Villanova
10 Notre Dame Notre Dame Utah Notre Dame Utah North Carolina Notre Dame Louisville
11 Iowa State Iowa State North Carolina North Carolina North Carolina Utah Iowa State Utah
12 Utah Utah Notre Dame Utah Notre Dame Northern Iowa North Carolina Iowa State
13 North Carolina Northern Iowa West Virginia Northern Iowa Oklahoma Wichita State Utah Northern Iowa
14 Northern Iowa North Carolina Iowa State Wichita State Northern Iowa Iowa State West Virginia North Carolina
15 West Virginia West Virginia Northern Iowa Maryland Wichita State Notre Dame Northern Iowa West Virginia
16 Virginia Commonwealth Virginia Commonwealth Virginia Commonwealth Iowa State Baylor West Virginia Maryland Baylor
17 Baylor Wichita State Oklahoma West Virginia West Virginia Baylor Oklahoma Ohio State
18 Maryland Maryland Ohio State Baylor Iowa State Oklahoma Baylor Oklahoma
19 Oklahoma Oklahoma Wichita State Texas Virginia Commonwealth Georgetown Wichita State Maryland
20 Georgetown Baylor Baylor Oklahoma Butler Virginia Commonwealth Virginia Commonwealth Virginia Commonwealth
21 Butler Butler Maryland Virginia Commonwealth Ohio State Butler Ohio State Georgetown
22 Southern Methodist Georgetown San Diego State Butler Southern Methodist Texas Butler Butler
23 Wichita State Ohio State Texas Southern Methodist Georgetown Maryland Georgetown Texas
24 Ohio State Southern Methodist Michigan State Georgetown Maryland Arkansas Texas Wichita State
25 Texas Texas Stanford Stephen F. Austin Texas Indiana Dayton Southern Methodist

So what did we get wrong?  Are the new guys crazy, or did they help correct what we've been doing wrong all along?