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KU Predictions: Iowa State (part 2)

Our writing team gets together to predict the outcome of tonight's game.

Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

This is the big one - the game of the year/season/conference/whatever so far. How does the crew think the team will handle it? By the comments below, apparently pretty well.

PenHawk: This may be the most meaningful game of the season for Kansas so far. A win solidifies them in the driver's seat for a conference title, while a loss would put them in a tie with the first team to ever sweep a Bill Self era Kansas squad. Fortunately, unless Iowa State gets red hot from three (always a possibility), I don't see a loss coming. Iowa State struggles on the road, and they're the less talented team. This one probably stays close due to ISU's ability to score, but Kansas will win without giving fans a heart attack. Kansas 77, Iowa State 70

dnoll5: Two words: transition defense. It was pitiful for Kansas in the loss at Ames and it needs to improve for this one because KU can’t afford to just hand the Cyclones 10-15 free points like they did in the first encounter. There is no question that Bill Self has pounded this into his players heads, and I think that Cliff Alexander’s motor will be running on high for the game, so I see a Jayhawk win. Kansas 80, Iowa State 72.

KU Grad 08: I’ve got to see a team actually sweep a Bill Self squad before I predict it. I think this time, Kansas gets more of the easy points and wins a high scoring affair. Kansas 88, Iowa State 82.

mikeville: The Jayhawks say that they’re still bothered by the loss in Ames and feel like they could have played better and won that game. Well, this will be their chance to prove it. No doubt ISU will be coming in ready to play. And unlike the last team we played, the ‘Clones have the ability to come back from 15 points down if Kansas lets up. They can run and score with the best of them, and the Jayhawks will need to be ready. I think the ‘Hawks will be ready; getting punked in Ames is one thing, they won’t let Iowa State punk them Allen Fieldhouse. Kansas 80, Iowa State 70.

The6thJayhawk: Even though this KU team has struggled to be consistent offensively, I highly doubt that ISU walks out of AFH with a win. The second match up and home court will give KU the advantage. I think Wayne Selden is due for an offensive showcase, and Cliff Alexander has a score to settle with the Cyclones. I think KU comes out and puts this away early. ISU will try to come back, but each time they do, AFH and the Hawks will answer with a run of their own. Kansas 72, Iowa State 61.

wkenefake: I think Iowa State will be fired up for this game and I predict that we will continue to see a stretch or two like we’ve seen from Kansas lately where they just really struggle to score the ball. This will be a game of runs but I believe Kansas does enough at the end to win a nail biter. I expect a lot of 3’s from both teams and a pretty high scoring game with a dagger 3 from Brannen Greene. . Kansas 84, Iowa State 79

J. Michael Winmore: Biggest game of the year to date. Sorry K-State, but your program is not Kansas’ most important regional rival right now. By beating us last year in the Big 12 tournament and then two weeks ago in Ames, the Cyclones became just the third conference opponent to beat Bill Self’s Kansas Jayhawks in consecutive games in his 11 years at Kansas. It was the first time that it’s happened since Mizzou beat KU the last game of the regular season in 2005 and the first meeting between the schools in 2006. No Big 12 conference opponent has beaten Bill Self’s team 3 consecutive times. It’s clear that Hoiberg’s 3 pt bombing style of offense has given Bill’s teams problems. But I think the home atmosphere and the red hot shooting of Brannen Greene will help the Hawks hold off the Cyclones in this one. Kansas 82, Iowa State 79 in OT.

misterbrain: Interestingly, I think the key to this one will be not getting too far ahead early. This Kansas team has shown a disturbing habit of shutting it down when they feel they are going to be able to coast to a victory. As we’ve seen time after time, this team is just not able to flip it back on quickly. We’ve had way too many close calls in games where we enjoyed gigantic leads early. I think Self has drilled it into these guys heads enough, but I’ll actually feel more comfortable if we can maintain a 7-10 point lead throughout than if we jump out to an early 15-20 point lead. I know, crazy… Kansas 87, Iowa State 81