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KU Predictions: Baylor

Our writing panel gets together to predict the outcome of today's game.

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

penhawk: KU's last road test resulted in a blowout loss to a Temple team that isn't nearly as good as Baylor. I think we'll hang in for much of the game, maybe even lead here and there, but ultimately the inevitable long scoring drought will hit, and we'll be in too deep a hole to dig out. Baylor 73, Kansas 68.

KU Grad 08: I think KU will be able to get some transition points and rush Baylor into some tough jump shots. Last year, I wasn’t feeling great about league play but then KU opened the Big 12 season with a gigantic win in Norman. I think history repeats itself, and we get it done in Waco. Kansas 81, Baylor 74.

dnoll5: For some reason, I’m not really all that scared of Baylor this season, and the main reason for this is probably because I’ve watched zero minutes of Baylor play. Things I know: the arena will be sold out for probably the only time all year, and Scott Drew will get overly excited and extremely animated at several points in the game.  Things I hope: Kansas 75, Baylor 68.

brendandzwierzynski: It is tough to predict this game, considering the debacle that was KU’s last true road game. I am willing to chalk up the Temple loss as a fluke, and I believe this team is certainly much better than they played on that day. The Jayhawks will struggle at times in the Big 12 season, but I think this is one they pull out (thanks to another big second half). Kansas 77, Baylor 69.

Jim Hammen: Fun fact:  During the Bill Self era, the closest game in Waco was a 10-point KU win, in 2009.  Every other contest has been a comfortable victory for Kansas-- besides 2013, when Baylor rolled the Jayhawks and enabled Kansas St. to backdoor their way into a share of the conference championship.  That sucked.  There have been a few occasions the last five years or so where Baylor is supposed to be as good as Kansas, if not better, and KU still strolls into the Ferrell Center and drills them.  So despite KU’s last road game going, um, less than favorably, maybe that’s why I’m not scared of Baylor at all this year, and I’m (perhaps dangerously) confident going into this contest. Kansas 76, Baylor 63.

mikeville: Baylor’s resume isn’t all that impressive.  They have wins over South Carolina (by four), Vanderbilt (by three), Texas A&M, and Memphis.  Their losses came from Illinois and Oklahoma.  They haven’t exactly had a chance to impress yet this year, and they certainly haven’t been impressive when they have had the chance.  I’m thinking that shiny 11-2 record and Top 25 ranking comes crashing down when the finally play a team that has actual talent on it.  I don’t know what the line will be on this game, but I’d take the Jayhawks to cover rather easily. Kansas 79, Baylor 64

Fizzle406: I'd be more worried about this game if it were at the end of the season and we already had the big 12 locked up. Actually I wouldn't be worried I'd just expect to lose. This being the first conference game and after a little confidence boosting win over the weekend, I think the guys bring the noise. Kansas 64, Baylor 55

Jvaughn11: Cant say I have seen much of Baylor this year but I am comfortable predicting we win this one. Baylor just doesn't ever strike fear in me. Self will have a good game plan and I think Mason will do a nice job of penetrating any zone he sees. If Mason can be successful breaking down the zone the team should see some great looks and my gut says we are hot from the start. Hopefully we see a lot of Cliff in this one to offset Gathers presence. KU wins easier than the score indicates: Kansas 78, Baylor 67

misterbrain: I'm already on record as saying Baylor is going to win this one, and I'm not sure I've read enough to completely change my mind.  But thanks to fetch's preview, I'm at least optimistic that we can win this one instead of hoping we manage to keep it close.  I'll keep my prediction the same for continuity's sake. Baylor 70, Kansas 68