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KU Predictions: UNLV

Our writing staff gets together to predict the outcome of today's game.

Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

PenHawk: everyone knows UNLV knocked off Arizona, but it seems to have people thinking the Rebels are better than they are. They've had some close calls against bad competition, and they're coming off a conference loss to a pedestrian Wyoming team. The only thing that concerns me is their height and rim protection. That should keep things fairly close, but in the end I think we take care of business at home. Kansas 70, UNLV 62

i predict a slow start and several hair pulling moments but KU eventually comes out in he second half to put it away. I'd like to see us go after Cole in the paint and get him out of he game early. That's the majority of their size and rebounding right there. KU 73-64

Jim Hammen:
I'm mildly more concerned about this game after UNLV beat Arizona, but I don't think we're going to have a repeat of last year's San Diego St. game on our hands. I'm hoping that Kelly Oubre keeps the hot hand, KU scores a (relatively speaking) ho-hum home win, and we get some good news on Devonte Graham's foot heading into conference play. Kansas 71, UNLV 61.

KU Grad 08:
Kansas doesn't play well all game, makes a couple plays at the end, and wins. Selden turns in another 2-10 type shooting performance. Kansas 67, UNLV 65.

dnoll5: It's hard for me to ever pick against Kansas, especially when playing at Allen Fieldhouse, so I think KU wins this one. Again, it will be on the team to be motivated and play with the kind of passion that they probably need to beat good competition, so I think it could be close throughout. I still see KU winning it and taking some confidence into the conference season. Kansas 77, UNLV 72

misterbrain: UNLV has shown that they have the ability to tango with the big boys, and  expect their length to bother us.  But I think we should be able to handle the inside game.  The question is going to be if we can get going on the perimeter to pull ahead.  This is not a team we want to let hang around at the end of the game.  Kansas 74, UNLV 65