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KU Predictions: TCU

Our writing staff gets together to predict the outcome of tomorrow's game.

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After having nearly a full squad of Negative Nancys last time around, it's time to see if the big win against the Longhorns on Saturday was enough to get the good vibes going again.

KU Grad 08: KU follows up its biggest win of the year with a poor, uninspired showing on the road against lowly-but-maybe-not-as-bad-as-we-thought-a-week-ago TCU. I've loved the recent results, but I still don't fully trust this team. They've played well down the stretch all season and pulled out a lot of toss up games with a minute or two to go, but sooner or later when you play with fire you get burned. This time I think we'll fall victim to a few late threes. TCU 69, Kansas 67.

Jim Hammen: TCU started out 13-0, but true quality wins were hard to find, and the Horned Frogs have started Big 12 play by going 1-5. Two of those losses were in OT, and they did play Kansas St. tough....but I don't think they can secure their first non-Texas Tech victory of the conference season against KU, even when you factor in the letdown factor after the Jayhawks' impressive victory in Austin last weekend. Kansas 79, TCU 68.

dnoll5: This doesn't seem like the kind of KU team that has the so-called "letdown game" after a big win. I think they know that they don't have to look to far in the mirror to see a time when they played poorly and almost lost (Oklahoma after building a 20-point lead) or flat out underestimated the opponent (Temple). Their identity is of a team that wins tough games (TCU between Texas and K-State could qualify as a mentally tough game) and I think they use that mentality to beat TCU rather easily down in that high school gym. Kansas 80, TCU 65.

Ivan Portillo: What Jim said. TCU has/had an impressive record, but they weren't exactly impressive victories. That's what happens when you play an easy non-conference schedule. Texas Tech was their only meaningful win. Regardless of how well the Horned Frogs play, I think it comes down on whether KU executes or not. We forget the mental aspect part of the game sometimes and just focus on paper. If KU wants to win this game, they will win this game. I'm saying they will. Kansas 78, TCU 71.

mikeville: The Jayhawks are flying high after a big win in Austin, and while the Frogs have to be disappointed in their last result in Morgantown, they've also got to be increasing in confidence that they can hang in the Big 12. Of course we all remember what happened two years ago, but I don't think that will be a concern. TCU is literally playing in a high school gym (seats about 5,000) while their on-campus facility is being renovated. It may be packed and it may be loud, but I imagine there'll be a strong contingent of KU fans there as well. Look for the Rock Chalk Chant to rain down early in this one. Kansas 85, TCU 62.

the6thJayhawk: There are lots of KU faithful in the DFW area, but I'm not sure if that tiny high school gym that TCU has been relegated to play in will hold enough of them to give KU a friendlier away-game atmosphere. Either way, I'm betting KU gets off to a strong start, after building up so much momentum and confidence at Texas, and puts up a 10+ point lead early. But once Cliff and/or Jamari and/or Perry are forced to sit with two fouls, TCU will slowly start building up again, and KU will go into halftime only up a possession or two. It'll be close to start the second half, but KU will eventually run away with it in the final six minutes or so. Kansas 75, TCU 62.

Jvaughn11: In this last 4 game stretch KU showed it can win in a number of different game scenarios. The Baylor, OU, and Texas games all had a different feel and flow and KU found ways to succeed in all three. The ISU game (only loss in that stretch) seems to have done more good than harm. Consistent minutes and production from Cliff along with Graham's presence has really helped this team gel lately. Greene's contributions have been nice too. There are some decent lineup possibilities now where before I was couldn't make sense of personnel decisions. Bottom line is this team is trending up and at a pretty good pace. KU wins this going away. Kansas 86 TCU 72 (but game won't even feel that close)

Fizzle406: I am somewhat worried about a letdown game here. KU is coming off of 2 big wins and are getting national attention for stepping their game up. However, Mari and Perry played on the team that lost to TCU. They aren't going to forget it and I suspect Coach Self isn't going to let the new guys forget about it either. KU has a slow start but brings the noise second half. Kansas 74, TCU 60

misterbrain: I'm just going to borrow from what I put in the Q&A with Frogs O' War: I've seen some head scratching losses after big wins before, but I just can't wrap my head around the possibility of KU losing Wednesday.  Ultimately, I think Brannen Greene has another huge game, Perry Ellis and Cliff Alexander have another dominating performance, and Frank Mason has another 4 or 5 plays that just make you stand up and shout "B*$CH, HE'S FRANK MASON!Kansas wins 68, TCU 59