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KU Predictions: Oklahoma

Our writing team gets together to predict the outcome of today's Big Monday matchup with Oklahoma.

Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports

KU Grad 08: Oklahoma is good, but I’m not picking KU to lose two games in row, the second of which is at home. Kansas 73, Oklahoma 70.

Tom Fehr: I predict that Bill Self will stop being dumb about Cliff and actually play him more minutes than Landen Lucas and Jamari Traylor. Okay, I don’t think he’ll actually do that but a guy can dream, right? Oklahoma is really good, KU doesn’t look that good right now, but I can’t really pick against Kansas in Allen Fieldhouse. Kansas 69 (nice), Oklahoma 67.

Ivan Portillo: Time to get back on track and this Oklahoma team might not be the best team to do it against. If this were in Norman, I'd be expecting the worst, but I'll go with the benefit of the Fieldhouse again. Sloppy, but they'll get it done. Kansas 70, Oklahoma 67.

penhawk: The Iowa State game was disappointing on many levels. Though I've been trumpeting Oklahoma all year, I do think Kansas comes out on a mission tonight. The Sooners play excellent defense, so I don't foresee an offensive explosion, but I do think we'll win, and it won't be a nailbiter. Kansas 65, Oklahoma 59

misterbrain: West Virginia showed the blueprint on how to beat this team, and it has to do with weathering the storm against the starting lineup and wearing them down.  The Sooners are very thin on the bench, and ultimately that weakness causes them to fade down the stretch.  Kansas will win, but it will take a late push to really seal it. Kansas 78, Oklahoma 71.

mikeville: I’m actually not worried about this game at all.  Oklahoma lost by 20 to West Virginia.  Oh wait, they beat Texas in Austin by about the same margin.  Hmm.  Well they also dropped a game to KState at home, so there’s that.  (I’m still convinced that KState is awful.  Ok, not awful, but no better than the 7th best team in this league.)  KU is coming off what we’ve described as a lazy effort defensively versus Iowa State.  I’m guessing Coach Self isn’t too happy about that, and I’m guessing the guys have heard about it a LOT over the past 36 hours.  I really think KU wins in a runaway, something like Kansas 82, Oklahoma 65.

Jim Hammen:  Normally it’s not advantageous to play two tough conference games within 48 hours (and Self said as much when he was grousing to the media the other day), but I think in this case it helps us.  What better way to put a disappointing loss out of our heads than immediately coming home to a Big Monday game and a juiced home crowd?  I was obviously a bit more scared of Oklahoma before they got rolled by West Virginia, but now I think Kansas takes out their Saturday night frustrations on the Sooners tonight. Kansas 79, Oklahoma 70.

dnoll5: Not much to say that the guys above haven’t said already.  I think KU’s depth wears down OU.  Buddy Hield will probably get his usual 20 or so, and Thomas and Spangler will score too, but other than that, I’m not sure who will score.  Kansas will certainly be motivated by the Iowa State loss and the ire that it produced in coach Self. Kansas 75, Oklahoma 65.

Fizzle406: I’m worried about this one. The crowd noise will be the x factor that helps KU come over the top. Kansas wins and the for the rest of the week practice will consist of sprinting back on defense for KU. Kansas 63-Oklahoma 58