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KU Predictions: Oklahoma State

Our writing team gets together to predict the outcome of today's game.

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

dnoll5: Every season I find at least one player on an opposing Big 12 roster that I thought had graduated or would, at the very least, be a senior (Julius Michalik springs to mind first) but is only a junior.  This year, that player is Phil Forte.  He is averaging over 17 points per game and if he doesn’t get hot from three (and I think KU’s length will stop that from happening), then I see KU winning this game rather easily.  LeBryan Nash is coming into his own as well and is the only other Cowboy to average double figures (17 ppg), but I think that KU just has too many options for OSU right now. Kansas 77, Oklahoma State 67.

Jim Hammen: Well, we got the classic Texas Tech blowout we needed on Saturday.  I don’t think Okie St. will be that much of a pushover, but I’m also not too worried about them at all.  We know that Forte will bury a bunch of crazy 3’s like he usually does, but there just isn’t enough talent (or just as importantly, enough quality head-coaching) to make me too concerned about KU being in any sort of trouble in this game. Kansas 79, Oklahoma St. 62.

mikeville: Well after pretty much nailing the TTech pick, I’m feeling lucky.  We don’t really know a ton about OSU.  They don’t have a resume to be embarrassed about, but they don’t really have any impressive wins, either.  Meanwhile, it seems like Kansas is playing better basketball, although the awfulness of Texas Tech could be factoring into that more than I think.  This game has felt like a 2-3 possession game throughout with the home team pulling away late on free throws.  So, that’s what I’m gonna go with.  I’ve got Kansas 72, Oklahoma State 62.

PenHawk: it seems to me that a lot of Kansas fans are undervaluing Oklahoma State. OSU doesn't have the top-to-bottom talent that Kansas does on their roster, but they're good enough to keep this close, especially if Kansas has a tough shooting night, or Forte is unconscious from three. The Jayhawks will struggle to score at times, but eventually outlast the Cowboys. Kansas 67, Oklahoma State 60.

KU Grad 08: I think we can speed OSU up and force Nash to abandon his new efficient offensive game for his old school, WTF-are-you-doing offensive game. KU forces some bad OSU shots, gets in transition and scores enough to get the job done at home. Kansas 76, Oklahoma State 64.

misterbrain: Even though it was against Texas Tech, I think Saturday's game represented a corner being turned, and having Devonte' Graham back to help spell Frank Mason will spur the offense to better times. Oklahoma State is a good defensive squad, but their 3-point defense and defensive rebounding, exactly the biggest strengths of this KU squad, are big problems for these Cowboys. While I fully expect Forte to light us up like he usually does, KU just has too much to go around. It takes a while, but they eventually pull away. Kansas 79, Oklahoma State 66.