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KU Predictions: Florida

Our writing panel gets together to predict the outcome of tonight's game.

Now that the football season is over, it's time to focus our attention solely on basketball (except for that tiny little head coaching search thing). This means we use our mighty prediction powers to tell you how tonight's game against the Florida Gators is going to go.

KU Grad 08: I think Kansas wins simply because we are at home. I think it’ll be ugly, turnovers by both teams - which will lead to a sloppy, low scoring game. In the end, I think Cliff Alexander and Perry Ellis will draw a lot of fouls, Svi will hit a few big threes, and Kansas hits enough free throws down the stretch to seal the deal. Kansas 65, Florida 57.

Tom Fehr: It’ll be a strange day if I ever predict KU to lose in Allen Fieldhouse. I don’t want to have to do that. Thankfully, all signs point to a Kansas victory over Florida. With KU’s success in Orlando and Florida already dropping three games (albeit to good opponents), and the advantage of being at home, I would be pretty surprised if Florida wins. Specifically, I would also look for Svi to get it going and for Cliff to play big minutes and produce. KU 82, Florida 71.

dnoll5: Allen Fieldhouse will be juiced for this one and for that reason alone, I think KU will come out on top. Self and the team have watched film of last year’s ugly loss, and therefore I think that there has probably been an emphasis on ball possession and cleaning up the turnover problems that plagued KU in their loss at Florida last year. Wayne Selden and Frank Mason should be fired up and ready for revenge and I look for Selden to have a breakout performance in this one. Kansas 80, Florida 67.

mikeville: Florida comes in at 3-3 with losses to Miami FL, Georgetown, and UNC. They haven’t exactly been impressive in their wins over William and Mary, Louisiana-Monroe, and UAB, only blowing out W&M. I’m not too worried about this matchup at all. Of course, I have to admit I’m only going by the scoreboard; I haven’t watched a single minute of Florida basketball yet this year. I think the fans will be juiced for revenge and I think the returners on the KU team will let the new guys in on what happened last year. KU rolls, 85-63.

brendandzwierzynski: Revenge games are always a great time, especially when they happen at Allen Fieldhouse. UF has had a rough start to their season, and KU is starting to put together a little momentum. A huge key to this one is going to be getting Cliff the ball and having him make plays. If the Jayhawks can cut down on the turnovers and play efficiently, they’ll command this game. It should be a fun game, especially if Kansas pulls off the victory, which I expect them too. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is KU’s best game so far by a long shot. Kansas 80, Florida 66.

PenHawk: Florida just doesn't look as dangerous as they did last year. You might say we don't either, but the tournament in Orlando helped restore some of my confidence. I don't see us blowing them out, but like others have said before me, I don't see us losing in Lawrence to a team struggling to find their identity. Kansas 72-Florida 64

jvaughn11: I think the game starts out a little frenetic as some of the new guys get caught up in the juiced environment. Florida comes in a little beat up with both Dorian Finney-Smith (fractured hand) and Eli Carter (questionable due to sore ankle) dealing with injuries. I am interested to see the progression of Chris Walker and if his athleticism bothers the KU bigs. I think the game stays close for a while but I believe Kansas is simply the better team and KU methodically pulls away to secure a 72-59 win.

Ivan Portillo: This should go a little smoother than last year’s matchup at Florida. The Gators, while formidable, don’t look that great this year, plus a couple of key guys are battling some injuries. Really, my deciding factor in this is the power of Allen Fieldhouse. Should be a fun game. Kansas wins 74-65.

fizzle406: I think Kansas would win this game in Gainesville, they'd win on a neutral court and they will win comfortably in AFH with the twelfth man behind them. KU 82-65

misterbrain: It's really tough to see this game ending with any result other than a win for the home team. Florida has had a tough slate so far for sure, but they haven't performed particularly well in those games either. Kansas should pretty much have it's way down low, and feeding off the energy of the crowd should power them to a comfortable win. I'll say Kansas 77, Florida 62