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KU Predictions: Kent State

Our writing panel gets together to predict the outcome of tonight's game.

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After losing my sheep-herding dog, I was finally able to round up the writers long enough to get a prediction out of them.  It's probably a good thing that we didn't make predictions before that Temple game though.  Who knows how bad our picking confidence would have been after that massacre.

Ivan Portillo: I'm not going to pretend to know a ton about Kent State. I guess we can always count on KU to beat a "K-State" at the Fieldhouse and tonight should be no different. Shot in the dark here, but I'm going with a Kansas blowout, 82-66.

KU Grad 08: I'm still not sold on this team. Maybe the last game is too fresh in my mind but turnovers, a lack of finishing at the rim and a lack of rim protection appear to be issues that aren't going away anytime soon. I think KU wins, but it will be another frustrating game in which we let our opponent hang around. Kansas 78, Kent State 69.

Jim Hammen: Sometimes I worry about the energy level in the Fieldhouse during Christmas break; not having as many students around always lets a little air out of the place, and the players can feel the difference. If this game was occurring in November, I think KU wins by 20+. But especially coming off of a blowout loss, the crowd, already missing some students, will be in a little bit of a "prove to us that you're good this year" mode, and the team will suffer accordingly. Kansas 77, Kent St. 65.

From a matchup standpoint KU has the advantage in this one. On top of that we are at home and I would expect this team to be fired up after their last showing. I expect a little rust coming off the break but foresee a middle of the first half lead that methodically grows and ends up pretty large. I am not sure a big win tonight will ease many of my concerns about this team but I need something to wash that Temple game from my memory. My prediction KU 85 Kent St. 62

Kent State? Really, does anyone not expect victory here? If this were a football game, the outcome would be much more in doubt. I really have no fear here. I'm hopeful we'll see good Perry, good Cliff, and, well, good everyone. The Flashes really aren't that flashy this year, are they? I mean, yeah I know Bill Self said they were good, but he says that about everyone. He would say that about St. Joseph's School for the Blind if they were on the schedule. (They're not, but maybe check KSU's football non-con for the next few years.) If KU doesn't win by 20+ then things are much worse in Lawrence than we're being led to believe, and Big 12 play will be an eye-opener and a disappointment. Kansas 88, Kent State 65.

Fizzle406: I'm not going to even bother googling Kent states team or record. 87-54 good guys.

dnoll5: I think that Bill Self finally gets through to his team after multiple viewings of that horrible Temple game. I expect a lot of energy for this one, and I think KU will be focused throughout. Hopefully, the Jayhawks will come out with fire for the rest of the season. KU 78, Kent State 60.

misterbrain: Kent State has an 8-3 record, but that has come against pretty much no one of consequence this year.  If they somehow manage to pull off the win tonight, it will most definitely be because the Jayhawks have beaten themselves, not because the Golden Flashes have done anything to win.  They have some talent on the squad, but nowhere near enough to pull off the upset without a lot of help from a sluggish Kansas squad.  Unfortunately for them, the Jayhawk loss to Temple was about the worst thing that could happen, as Bill Self has been able to use the Christmas break to lay into this team for exactly the type of play that could get them beat tonight. Kansas could easily put up 20+, but I think garbage time goes to help the backups and it slips back under. Kansas 87, Kent State 71