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KU Predictions: Georgetown

Our writing panel gets together to predict the outcome of tonight's game.

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Our first true road game is upon us, and the gang is back together again (ruh roh Raggy) to give us their thoughts on the outcome.

brendandzwierzynski: I'm expecting another solid game from Wayne Selden against Georgetown. Probably not as solid as his game against Florida, but still a solid contribution. His play will be huge down the stretch, and it is imperative that he continues to show off the great talent that he has. Without Jamari Traylor for this matchup, there is going to be a lot of pressure on the other big men for KU to step up. If Perry does his thing and Cliff continues to look impressive, the Jayhawks will be fine. We'll also see a hefty dose of Landen Lucas and likely even some Hunter Mickelson, and I'm excited about that. All in all, I expect Georgetown to play well but not nearly well enough in then, and this one won't go down like the Florida game either. Kansas wins 78-64.

PenHawk: Georgetown has played some good teams, and they've won or hung in close with all of them. Fortunately for Kansas, the Hoyas don't have great size, nor do they play stifling defense. If this game at AFH, I wouldn't hesitate to pick the Jayhawks. However, Kansas has been playing with fire the past few games, and I question what will happen if they do so again in their first true road game. I think Kansas lets them hang around too long, makes a couple of mistakes down the stretch, and loses a close one to a team we should beat. Georgetown 69, Kansas 67

dnoll5: It's time for KU to play an entire game they way they played the last 15 minutes against Florida. This is the type of team that KU could face in the second or third round of the NCAA tournament; it's the type of arena that they'll have to play in, so overall, I think this is a nice test. Also, Kansas is missing an alleged "energy" guy in Jamari Traylor, and I'm anxious to see if someone (Wayne Selden? Please!) can be that guy on a regular basis and provide some kind of scoring as well. Perhaps Selden can contribute the kind of scoring he displayed against Florida and be the emotional leader. Bill Self hinted at that in the offseason. Oh, and KU probably needs Cliff Alexander to stay out of foul trouble in this one. Yep, that'd help. Kansas 70, Georgetown 65.

KU Grad 08: Road game against a pretty good opponent in December? Yeah, that always works out great for us. Georgetown 74, Kansas 61.

Tom Fehr: You guys are bumming me out. I think Kansas has shown signs lately of really looking like they're figuring some things out. I'm still waiting for Svi to have a game where he goes crazy, and it looks like (albeit, Jamari forced Self's hand) Cliff Alexander should get a lot of minutes against Georgetown. I wouldn't expect Selden to have another offensive explosion (he made a lot of long twos against Florida that were probably questionable decisions), but I think Mason and Alexander continue to be solid, and I think Svi hits a few threes. Georgetown is decent, but no reason for me to think KU will lose this one. KU 77, Georgetown 70.

mikeville: Unfortunately I'm with Grad on this one. Admittedly, I don't know the first thing about Georgetown. OK, I know Josh Smith, so I only know the first thing about G'Town. This seems like a game the 'Hawks shouldn't have any trouble with. But with the inconsistency so far, I just don't think I trust these guys in a road environment. Prove it to me, KU. Until then, Georgetown 62, Kansas 55.

Ivan Portillo: I love this time of year for college hoops, it reminds me of interleague during baseball season. Here comes a decent Hoyas team who I think KU should match up well against. The biggest test will be Josh Smith and whether or not someone can step up to fill Jamari's void. While I think Georgetown is a decent team, KU is better. Even on the road. Just play good solid ball tonight and they should be fine. Kansas wins 77-72

Jim Hammen: This was about the time last year that the axles started rattling pretty hard on KU's non-con season. Hopefully this year's squad doesn't suffer the same fate....but December road games are December road games. Joshua Smith, who has been giving the Jayhawks fits since he arrived in college in 1996, together with D'Vauntes Smith Rivera, give the Hoyas a pretty solid one-two punch. Can Wayne Selden string two great games in a row together?  Will the loss of Jamari Traylor hurt the frontcourt at all, or can Hunter Mickelson slide into his minutes seamlessly?  Will this be the game that Kelly Oubre finally breaks out?  I think KU survives this one, but barely, and it ain't gonna be a very aesthetically pleasing affair. Kansas 59, Georgetown 57.

Fizzle406: Josh Smith should be a problem for us. By the way, isn't he done after this semester? He leads the team in several categories so this will be a very different team in January. I think we would win at home but on the road I don't think we will be so lucky. Georgetown 65-58

misterbrain: I'm worried about the ability of our front court to completely dominate the Georgetown big men, and that will be the key winning this game.  Plus, Selden's new-found stroke seems temporary to me.  Essentially, I'm afraid that everything we saw in the second half against Florida was a mirage, and while we'll be competitive, I'm thinking Georgetown gets just enough at home.  I'm on record already saying Georgetown 79, Kansas 77 in OT.