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Kansas Jayhawks News and Notes 06.04.14

A look-see around today's internets.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

If Alabama truly was desperate for a game, they'd have it figured out by now.  Also, Matt Tait with several articles on KU football today.

- Kansas Sports -

KU football's 2013 recruiting class the Class of 2014's best friend | Tale of the Tait |

There's no question that some of the guys in the incoming class leave a little to be desired, be it because they have low star ratings, were late commitments or have offer lists made up of smaller schools. But after making a splash with several guys in last year's recruiting endeavor, the Jayhawks appear to have bypassed the hype and sought out the best fits at positions of need.

It's bow tie time for Kansas football | Tale of the Tait |

This year's photo session came with a twist — quite literally. Instead of regular suits and ties, the Jayhawks donned bow ties and were allowed to wear their choice of five different crimson-and-blue-themed tuxedo toppers.

Broncos’ CB Talib gives nod to Manning |

Talib first weighed in on the Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady debate last week when he was a guest on the NFL Network, which chose him as one of the league’s top 100 players of 2013. He said that with all due respect to Brady, who will always be his friend, he’s now playing with the best quarterback in the business.

KU coach Bill Self still in favor of shorter shot clock |

Self last season came out in favor of shortening the clock five seconds. Remember, the NBA and international basketball use a 24-second clock. Women’s basketball uses a 30-second clock in college.

- College Sports -

Wichita State baseball turns to protecting its interests | Wichita Eagle

Games or not, June can be a cruel month for college baseball coaches. Finely tuned recruiting plans go haywire on the whims of one professional team and its checkbook.

Florida beats Alabama to win Women's College World Series -

The Gators defeated Alabama 6-3 on Tuesday night to sweep the best-of-three championship series.

Breaking down the schedules: SEC -

Just like every other year though, the league will have to wait until the postseason to prove itself, because when it comes to the regular season, non-conference schedule, no league is wimpier than the SEC.

Alabama's Nick Saban will make $6.9 million per year -

Alabama's Nick Saban, the highest-paid football coach at a public university, will receive $6.9 million per year as part of a compensation package approved Tuesday by the University of Alabama board of trustees.

5Dimes posts win totals for 2014 -

What to do to help pass the time until those first games kick off in late August? Why gamble, of course. What else.

- Professional Sports -

The 15 Best Minor League Promo Nights Happening in June | Extra Mustard -

Minor league teams have to go a different route if they want to bring in hordes of families to watch teams often commit more errors than a high school sophomore’s English paper; that route is promotional nights.

- World Cup -

Eight days to go.

The World Cup Groups Are Laughably Uneven, And It's Proof That FIFA's System Is Broken - Yahoo Sports

FIFA owes it to the soccer world to use a draw system that both rewards performance in non-World Cup years and eliminates the randomness of group quality that has become a significant factor in the outcome of the tournament.

- In The News -

Illinois woman's win streak on 'Jeopardy!' ends - Yahoo Sports

Future "Jeopardy!" contestants might want to consider her advice: Practice your buzzer technique so you can beat out your usually-knowledgeable competitors, and restrain yourself from guessing at answers. (Ed. Note: How the heck do you "practice your buzzer technique?")

- This Day in Sports History -

1927 - The U.S. defeated Great Britain in the first Ryder Cup international golf championship.

1964 - Sandy Koufax threw his third career no-hitter.

1974 - The NFL awards Seattle a franchise, which begins play two years later as the Seahawks.

1974 - The Cleveland Indians hosted Ten Cent Beer Night, but had to forfeit the game to the Texas Rangers due to rioting by drunken fans.

1981 - The New York Rangers announce the hiring of Herb Brooks as head coach, one year after Brooks led Team USA to gold at the 1980 Lake Placid Olympics.

2009 - Randy Johnson wins his 300th game, the 24th pitcher to reach that milestone and the second-oldest at age 45.

- Video of the Day -

Watch An Incoming Fastball From The Umpire's Perspective | Extra Mustard -

Ever wonder what it’s like to see a fastball speeding right toward you? Wonder no more.

- Daily Trivia -

Yesterday's Answer: Otto Schnellbacher was known as "The Double Threat from Sublette."

Today's Question: Which Kansas player scored 50 points against Missouruh in men's basketball in February 1972?