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Kansas Jayhawks News and Notes 9.5.13

Kansas Jayhawks News and Notes 9.5.13


Kansas Jayhawks News and Notes 9.5.13

Kansas Football

A fresh start: Kansas WR Justin McCay eager to hit field |

We are all just as eager for him to see the field.

Opinion: Kansas kicker defies norm |

Not sure if I'm more excited in his quick rise up the depth chart, or put off by his arrogance.

Big 12 football predictions: Week 2 - ESPN

I'm pretty happy with the new guys on the ESPN blog.  These predictions are about what I would expect.

Kansas Basketball

KU target Okafor keeps top ranking |

While I'm not much for looking at the rankings of recruits, other than "highly" or "lowly", is nice to see most of the guys we are after stood part on the rankings.

Why Kansas fans should feel good about landing Cliff Alexander - NCAA Basketball - Sporting News

I'd hope more than having his girlfriend at KU attracts him here, and that it is genuinely where he wants to go for his sake. That being said, if it is the final lynchpin in getting him here, I'm all for it.

Big Ten looks to be favorite to win 2013-14 national title | One And One -

Not sure I agree with the decision to exclude conferences with only a single title contender. Plus, with Smart back, it seems difficult to exclude OSU from the list of contenders.


Kansas AD gets new, longer contract |

Z has done a great job. This is definitely deserved.

KU fans without Metro Sports seeing red, not blue -

Luckily this doesn't affect me much, since I'm down in Florida but don't have cable. This is ultimately good for the program, but sucks for those that can't catch those games.

Former football players sue NCAA over concussions - ESPN

Pennsylvania court won't toss fight over Penn State's $60M fine - ESPN

Chat: Chat with Brandon Chatmon - SportsNation - ESPN

Chris Collins brings hope to Northwestern Wildcats -- college basketball - ESPN

LeBron James of Miami Heat gets locker in new Ohio State facilities - ESPN

Tip-off tripleheader features two NCAA teams, NIT champ - ESPN Dallas

3-point shot: Big Easts big plan - ESPN

North Carolina Tar Heels athletics' teachable moment from scandal - ESPN

Butler Bulldogs' mascot Butler Blue II dies - ESPN

A Trend Revisited: Up-Transferring in college basketball - College Basketball - Luke Winn -