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Kansas Jayhawks News and Notes 9.23.13

Kansas Jayhawks News and Notes 9.23.13

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas Jayhawks News and Notes 9.23.13

Kansas Football

Turning a corner? KU finally wins close one in improbable 13-10 victory over LA Tech |

And with that victory, people have slowly edged back from the cliff.  At this point, I'm not sure if I like the two weeks between. I might prefer just getting the first (probable) loss in the Big 12 out of the way, like ripping off the bandaid.

KU’s Matthew Wyman had prepared for the kick — and the celebration -

At first I thought it was kind of sad that we had to practice how to celebrate a win, but the more I think about it, the more I like it.  The idea is to get them into a winning frame of mind. If you spend time preparing to celebrate a win, it gets the guys thinking that a win is going to come.

What we learned in the Big 12: Week 4 - ESPN

At least we aren't the only Big 12 school with a dreadful offense.

Big 12 helmet stickers: Week 4 - Big 12 Blog - ESPN

As big as the FG to win the game was, I probably would have given it the punter.

Game Balls and Gassers: LA Tech |

Can't argue with anything here.

Key fumbles by key players doom Lousiana Tech |

And that really is the story of the game.

Notebook: TE Jimmay Mundine responds to benching; KU shuffles offensive line |

I'm thinking that OL switch up didn't really help the line in the short term.

Opinion: Matthew Wyman earns rock-star status with clutch kick |

I retract my earlier statement about our walk on kicker being arrogant.

Kansas football still a work in progress |

This headline implies that people thought the team was complete.  It was always expected to be a work in progress this season.

Box score breakdown: Should we still consider KU a run-first team? | The Newell Post |

I'm not sure we can call this team a "first" on anything.

Kansas Basketball

Andrew Wiggins, Julius Randle among top one-and-done players - ESPN

Insider piece, so I'd appreciate someone filling us in on exactly what it says about the KU guys. I gathered we have 3 on the list.

Chicago guard Charles Matthews keeps KU hoops on his list |

It's news to me that we aren't recruiting Lyle at all. Unless we have a better tandem already lined up, we could do a lot worse than Lyle.


KU soccer rolls, 2-0 |

Keeping the faith: KU volleyball finishes nonleague slate strong |

Opinion: Ailing golfer Jim Phillips on mend |

A guide to #Henrying: when and where to do it, and who to do it with | Planet Futbol -

Seton Hall's capture of Isaiah Whitehead once again exposes NCAA silliness | One And One -

Texas-themed "Saban 2014" shirts are a real thing now | Campus Union -

College basketball one-and-done issues are complex - ESPN

KC native’s will to live defeats a Montana glacier -