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Kansas Jayhawks News and Notes 9.18.13

Kansas Jayhawks News and Notes 9.18.13


Kansas Jayhawks News and Notes 9.18.13

Not a lot of Jayhawk-specific news today. This is most decidedly a good thing. Instead we can drown our sorrows in the seemingly random nature of today's miscellaneous links.

Kansas Sports

KU women’s golf second in opener |

Jayhawk men's golf 8th at CSU tourney |

Unfortunately I don't really follow golf, but it's good to see our squad doing fairly well

Top basketball recruits tease possible 2-for-1 at KU |

It seems like the theme this year is 2-for-1 specials.  Not really complaining, but seems rather strange.

KU defensive lineman Marquel Combs likely to red-shirt |

I have no issue with this.  Just means we can have "The Dream Team" for two years after this, right?

Three Kansas receivers lose starting jobs -

It would be more if there were more starting WRs.


Chat: Chat with Jake Trotter - SportsNation - ESPN

Federal court denies New Jersey's appeal in sports betting case - ESPN

I'm not a big proponents of sports betting, but it definitely seems to me that letting one state have legal sports betting but not another is completely unconstitutional.  Especially since the rationale is "sports betting is bad, but they were already doing it, so that makes it OK."

Report: Defendants file for dismissal from Ed O'Bannon antitrust suit | Campus Union -

NCAA finally unveils NIT Season Tip-Off bracket | One And One -

If these were not on campus, I might actually care about the Division II schools being in here.  Since there is no real shot they make it off the campus sites, it doesn't seem like a problem to me.

Mark Emmert talks college basketball, NBA draft rules, more | One And One -

Interesting take for Emmert, especially given the implications. I'm still kind of partial to the baseball rules for declaring for the draft.

Fan dashes onto the field during Rays game in only his tighty-whiteys and tries to steal second base | Big League Stew - Yahoo Sports

"Jackass" wannabe.  See what kind of fans I have to deal with down here?

Mariano Rivera's retirement gifts, ranked - Yahoo News

Some of these were pretty cool.  How did Rivera get the sand sculpture home?