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Kansas Jayhawks News and Notes 9.12.13

Kansas Jayhawks News and Notes 9.12.13


Kansas Jayhawks News and Notes 9.12.13

First of all, I need to apologize for missing yesterday's post.  I had a bit of a family emergency and ended stuck in an area with absolutely no signal.   I'll be including a bunch of links today, so take your time and enjoy them all.

Kansas Football

The long road ahead for Charlie Weis and Kansas football - Grantland

Excellent piece on HCCW.  Makes some good points and helps to get a peek inside the coach's head. Definitely regretting putting this piece in here.  While it is a good compilation of previously reported info, the author  appears to be taking credit for an interview that never took place.

Opinion: Receivers dropping? Go hand shopping |

If only it were that easy...

Jayhawks aware of Rice QB’s talent |

Weren't we "aware" of the talent that SDU had at QB too?

Opinion: Jayhawk fans can take over at Rice |

I know we have a few here that were taking about going to the game.  Anyone care to comment?

KU's Sims eager for shot at Rice after sitting out loss |

The worst part is that I had forgotten that Sims was suspended.  Oh what could have been....

Football gave KU’s Keba Agostinho a new kind of hope -

Another good story on the background of a player. Again makes me rethink my thoughts about how I had it tough as a kid.

For Kansas, Rice offers opportunity and danger -

Could have written the same headline before the game last year.  Let's hope the results are a bit better.

Rice poses tough test for KU's rebuilding defense |

Combs among juco players still adjusting at KU |

Seems like we year this story every year about any highly rated juco player that doesn't do well in week 1.  Not sure how much I believe that it takes time to get used to Div I play.

Kevin Haskin: SI account on OSU interesting, not surprising |

KU tidbits put it up here, but I'm really shocked at how little reaction we are seeing to this.  I realize that most people, including myself, are most of the NCAA rules as stupid, but I still would have expected this to generate some buzz.  In fact, I'm downright flabbergasted that this has caused many to question the integrity of SI.

Kansas Basketball

Ex-Jayhawk Newton achieves goal of becoming NBA GM |

Congrats to him. Another Jayhawk in the league.

Darnell Jackson signs free agent deal with Indiana Pacers |

Glad to see Darnell get back into the league too.  Not sure how long I see him sticking, unfortunately.

Kansas Jayhawks: Mock NBA Draft Does No Favors For Andrew Wiggins, Joel Embiid, & Wayne Selden

I wholeheartedly disagree. I think early draft boards give us something to talk about, are an early starting point for evaluating not only how well the top players will do in college, but how that translates to the NBA, which is the ultimate goal for these guys anyway.

Self visiting top prep basketball recruits |

Normal, boring recruiting updates.


KU volleyball falls at No. 24 Creighton |

Big 12 stats that defined Week 2 - ESPN

Chat: Chat with Brandon Chatmon - SportsNation - ESPN

Sports Illustrated's series on Oklahoma St. football: The Money - College Football -

Sports Illustrated's series on Oklahoma St. football: Academics - College Football -

D.J. Fluker among five SEC players to have received extra benefits while in college, according to report - ESPN

Les Miles goes on offensive, says he and his staff did nothing wrong at Oklahoma State - ESPN

Report -- Oklahoma State Cowboys players were embroiled in academic misconduct - ESPN

Miami Heat bring back former No. 2 overall pick Michael Beasley - ESPN

Harvard, VCU among possible non-power conference standouts | One And One -

BYU head coach Dave Rose has surgery to remove cancerous spots | One And One -

The real story of the Oklahoma State scandal is that no one cares -