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Kansas Jayhawks News and Notes 8.23.13

Kansas Jayhawks News and Notes 8.23.13

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Kansas Jayhawks News and Notes 8.23.13

Couldn't find many links this morning.  Didn't want to waste too much time tracking more down while making you guys wait.

Kansas Sports

UCLA 'not the place' for Kansas-bound QB Millweard |

I originally wasn't going to include this, but the notes on HCCW's son made me change my mind.  Sounds like he is a good coaching asset to have.

Opinion: Some of the top questions surrounding Kansas football |

Some of these don't even real. For example, Lewandowski shouldn't be a center because he is to tall? Just because the trend is shorter guys, that doesn't mean he can't be effective as a center.

Cox Communications joins Jayhawk network |

Another piece to the broadcasting puzzle.

Success hasn’t changed Kansas track coach |

Nor should it.  It sounds like he has his head on right, and we can expect to be fairly competitive in years to come.


Sonic unveils college team logos on burger buns | Campus Union -

This is absolutely ridiculous. But really cool at the same time.

Texas, TCU, Oklahoma headline 2013 Big 12 preview - College Football - Andy Staples -

I guess everyone just assumes we will lose all our conference games.